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5 Visible Signs of a Healthy Person

    Did you know that 60% of Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease or illness?

    Although many chronic ailments are lifestyle-induced, most Americans still consider their lifestyle healthy. But have you ever looked at a person and thought, “wow, they look healthy,” but couldn’t put your finger on what made them that way? 

    Despite what anyone does or doesn’t tell you about their health, you can often spot a healthy person by looking at specific physical characteristics or behavioral traits. 

    We’re here with key indicators to help you spot a healthy person (and become one!). 

    1. Healthy Weight 

    The first indicator of a healthy person is their body weight. Remaining within this weight band indicates the person has a consistent and healthy relationship with food, and they are likely to be absorbing all nutrients from their food. 

    If you want to be healthy, start here! If you want to take it one step further and get a fit body, check out these ab muscle exercises

    2. Clear Skin 

    Another of the key signs of good health is someone’s skin. This goes beyond whether someone has acne or not. Instead, the skin of a healthy person will appear glowy and clear. 

    Apply as many face creams as you like, but you won’t need them if you focus on improving your health instead. 

    3. Fluid Movements

    Someone in prime health will walk, run, and generally move with ease and fluidity. They won’t make ‘uh’ noises each time they stand or sit, and walking around will seem effortless. 

    If you’re someone that gets on the couch and doesn’t move for hours, it’s time to change that. Focus on getting regular physical activity and increasing your steps each day. 

    4. Relaxed Demeanor 

    Next time you spot someone that looks healthy, think about their demeanor. Are they stressed out, busy, hunched over, or depressed? 

    In most cases, they’ll be quick to smile, friendly, and promote body positivity. 

    Taking time to de-stress and practicing daily gratitude will take you a long way if you want to be more healthy in your body and mind.  

    5. Lack of Addiction

    Now, we’re not necessarily talking about life-ruining addiction here (although a healthcare professional can help with that). 

    Instead, we’re talking about the lesser addictions. For example, can you function without a cup of coffee or a cigarette? Most healthy people can continue their day without the need for additional substances to enhance their cognitive abilities. 

    Why Not Become a Healthy Person Today? 

    Don’t you agree that these five qualities indicate a healthy person? How many of them do you have? 

    If you aren’t as healthy as you’d like to be, it’s time to respect your body and mind. Healthiness will follow. Treat your body well, and you’ll soon be one of those people that wow others with their perfect health. 

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