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5 Ways Contact Lenses Transform Your Sports Performance

    Those of us with less-than-perfect vision know all about it: that unforgettable Nelson from The Simpsons ‘Ha Ha!’ moment when we pulled out our glasses at school for the first time.

    But then wearing glasses became a lot cooler.  Only a few years ago, you were ‘four eyes’ or a geek, but now uber-cool experts name spectacles as an absolute fashion essential.  

    However, glasses have never really been cool for sport.  Some may disagree, but just think about Horace Grant or Eric Dickerson and their silly looking goggles for NBA and American football.  Not exactly chic.

    But all of a sudden, sports people wearing glasses is a phenomenon that is now basically defunct.  Why’s that?  The answer is simple: contact lenses.  Not only are wearing lenses now possible in sport, it’s one of the easiest way for athletes to actually enhance their performance.

    Contacts: A brief history

    In 1801, Thomas Young invented the first ‘contact lenses’ – but they were basically just bits of glass that he glued (yes, glued!) to his eyes.  

    By the 1920s, technology meant the glass could be shaped like the surface of the eye, and by 1960, research was underway on the sort of ‘hydrogel’ technology that ultimately became the modern disposable contact.  

    In the years since then, cheap contact lenses that let the eye ‘breathe’ supremely well have become commonplace, and the average consumer can now buy contact lenses online in exactly the same way that elite athletes do. You can find cheap contacts on the internet, and lower the price even more with the use of a 1 800 contacts discount code.

    Elite athletes wear cheap contact lenses

    Don’t believe that elite athletes with vision problems soar to the top of their chosen game wearing contact lenses?  How about Cristiano Ronaldo.  And Novak Djokovic.  And about 20 percent of every player on every professional sports field in the world.

    Of course, not all of us are professionals, but many of us not blessed with perfect vision nonetheless stay active, work out, or actually compete in competitive sports.  But just as was the case decades ago, many struggle to kick those goals or do that amateur triathlon without the benefit of modern contact lenses.

    Perhaps it’s because you hate the idea of putting them in and taking them out.  Perhaps you feel uncomfortable wearing them all day at the office.  Or perhaps you just weren’t aware that technological advances now make the highest quality contact lenses accessible to just about every user at an affordable price.

    Why else should you consider enhancing your sports performance with cheap contact lenses?

    1. Perfect peripheral vision

    Newcomers to contacts will all remember the first time they looked around with their contacts in – and that’s because of the peripheral vision advantages they provide.

    Even if you wear large, goggle or wraparound-style glasses for sports, it can’t compete with the peripheral vision of the natural human eye corrected with contacts.  And for many sports, being able to spot the action out of the corner of your eye is an incredible advantage.

    1. Unobstructed vision

    While a decent pair of sports glasses will do a fairly good job of providing a decent view of the playing field, there’s no getting around the fact that with contacts in, you simply don’t have to deal with the sight of those glasses frames.

    Not only that, you also don’t have to deal with sports glasses that fog up, or get splattered with debris or splashed with water.  And with a completely unobstructed and natural view, you’re reacting faster and more appropriately to the players, objects and action around you.

    1. Less injury risk

    Famous NBA goggle-wearer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar didn’t need his iconic goggles to correct his vision – he just got sick of having his cornea scratched during play.  But the fact is that contact lens-wearers are actually much less likely to get injured during play than those wearing glasses.

    Think of a sport like football, and the risk of players getting hurt by broken glasses – and now imagine that those same players are wearing cheap, soft, super-safe disposable silicone hydrogel contact lenses when their faces butt.

    1. Greater visual stability

    When it comes to a sport like running, it’s not hard to understand why everyone from the casual jogger to the elite track superstar prefers contact lenses.

    No matter how perfectly-fitting or designed-for-sport your glasses are, when you strike the ground with your foot, those glasses are going to move – and that movement is recognised by the brain as a small but noticeable and distracting visual disturbance.  Running with contacts also means you don’t grapple with glasses slipping down your nose or – even worse – falling off completely.

    1. Perfect compatibility

    Many sports require the wearing of specialty equipment, which is the bane of the glasses-wearing athlete’s life.  We’re talking about things like sports headgear such as helmets and masks, and the ability to wear cheap non-prescription swimming goggles.

    Not just that, if you put a pair of cheap contact lenses in on the morning of your sports game, you can leave home without worrying about breaking, losing and storing your valuable glasses.  Just have your fun, get home, and throw those cheap disposable contacts in the bin.

    So even if you’re someone who is unconvinced that contacts are right for your daily life, it’s just a fact that modern, cheap and safe online contact lenses are something just about every professional sportsperson would recommend for the active amateur.  Want to know more? Click here to read all about how buying online contact lenses can positively transform your everyday and active life.