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5 Ways To Combat High Blood Pressure Naturally

    It is estimated that hypertension affects almost 103 million adult people in the United States only, and the number is continuously increasing. High blood pressure can have negative consequences not only on your physical but also mental health. It affects everything – from your ability to play football with your kids to having sex with your significant other. 

    Unfortunately, many people underestimate this condition. They don’t want to see the doctor as the only association they have with lowering blood pressure is taking tons of medications. Little do they know that there are many other, natural and more enjoyable ways in which you can do it. You can, for example… 

    Swing With Black Chocolate

    Who doesn’t like chocolate? Just like sex, dark chocolate has a lot of benefits in terms of health, one of which is lowering high blood pressure. While choosing the right chocolate, you need to remember that it has to have at least 70% of cocoa in it – the higher percentage of cocoa the better. 

    Feel free to eat it regularly if you suffer from hypertension, but remember to do it with moderation. Just one or two squares per day is enough. After all, dark chocolate is still chocolate and eating too much of it might cause weight gain – you wouldn’t want that, would you? 

    Regular Sex

    Apart from being enjoyable, sex has many health benefits. One of them is the ability to relieve stress and lower blood pressure. Studies conducted by researchers from the Netherlands showed that after climaxing, women don’t feel any negative emotions. Anxiety, fear or stress – it all ends up being forgotten, while they get lost in the blissful moment between the sheets. 

    Besides, having regular sex is an important factor in keeping a relationship healthy. And when you don’t have a significant other? Well, there are always other alternatives – there is a lot of affordable sex dolls available on the market. Better sex life means better blood pleasure – it’s a win-win. 

    Crank The Tunes

    Music is another way in which you can lower your blood pressure. All it takes is 30 minutes of listening to music and doing some simple breathing exercises, such as breathing in and with a ratio of 1 to 2. However, be careful – most probably, it’s the emotional connection with the music that helps you lower your blood pressure so make a wise choice about the music you are going to listen to. 

    Researchers who looked into this matter concluded that if you want music to reduce our blood pressure, it has to have no lyrics and include some changes in either volume or rhythm. Furthermore, it also should have harmonies that are ‘not rousing’, and certain parts should be repeated in intervals. 

    Pet Your Dog

    This is a perfect option for those who have dogs, as not only does it help improve your health, but it is also an ideal way to bond with your furry friend. A study conducted not so long ago discovered that people who own a dog experienced a wave of relaxation after their dogs looked into their eyes. Petting your dog for only 15 to 30 minutes can reduce your blood pressure even by 10%!

    Furthermore, not only dogs have this effect on humans, but also cats, rabbits and even turtles. So walk to it, pet it and talk to it – it reduces the number of stress hormones, lowers your blood pressure and it feels good. What else could you possibly want? 

    Laugh It Up

    Turns out that laughing not only burns a lot of calories and puts you in a better mood, but it also helps in lowering your blood pressure. The reason behind it is that when we laugh our muscles relax, and relaxed muscles put less strain on the blood vessels, in effect reducing pressure. 

    So if you suffer from high blood pressure, next time you want to see a movie choose a comedy instead of an action movie or a horror. Spend time with friends that make you laugh, find a way to laugh about your own situations or place around you things that make you laugh, such as photos or greeting cards. Remember, laughter is good for you. 


    Don’t feel guilty that you have high blood pressure – instead, focus on what you can do to fight it. And there are many fun ways in which you can lower your blood pressure, most of which don’t even require medications.

    So next time you’ll feel your blood pressure rising, just watch some funny movie, preferably with adequate music, while eating dark chocolate and with your dog lying right next to you. Oh, and don’t forget about the last step – get freaky in the sheets. All of it will benefit you in more ways than you think. Good Luck.