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6 Best Practices for Safe Lifting

    Whether you are working out in the gym or have a labor-intensive job, using safe lifting practices is essential. The method you use for lifting something heavy can either protect your back or result in serious injuries. 

    Back injuries are debilitating. They can make everyday activities, such as walking, sitting, standing, working, exercising, and even sleeping, uncomfortable and painful. In one moment of lifting wrong, you can cause damage to your back that has life-long effects.

    Fortunately, there are several safe practices you can use to ensure you are lifting correctly. By keeping these practices in mind and implementing them when necessary, you can protect your back while completing your tasks. 

    If you want to learn how to lift heavy items safely, here are a few tips to help you do just that.

    1. Test the Load 

    One of the most important rules for lifting safety is to test the load before you attempt to lift it. You can do this by pushing it with your hands or feet to get a feel for how heavy it is. If the load seems too heavy, you should not attempt to lift it. 

    1. Consider the Surface of the Floor

    When you need to lift something heavy, make sure you are considering the surface of the floor you are standing on. If the floor is slippery or your foothold feels unstable, avoid trying to lift the load. This is an important workplace safety tip every employee should be following. 

    1. Reduce the Weight

    In some cases, you can reduce the weight of the load before attempting to lift it. If you are lifting a stack of items, remove some of the weight to make the load manageable. While this can seem inefficient, it is one of the best ways to protect your back. 

    1. Use a Stable Position

    Before lifting, make sure you are in a stable position. Keep your feet hip-width apart, with one leg slightly forward to ensure you are balanced. Failing to use the proper form can lead to a workplace or exercise injury.

    1. Keep the Load Close to Your Waist 

    An essential tip for safe lifting is to keep the load close to your waist. This reduces the pressure on your back and reduces your risk of a back injury. Make sure you have a good hold on the load while keeping it close to the middle of your body. 

    1. Keep Your Back Straight

    Perhaps one of the best tips for lifting safely is to keep your back straight. Stooping or bending over will almost always end in an injury. If you have back pain after lifting something heavy, you can find help here!

    These Are the Best Practices for Safe Lifting

    By using these safe lifting practices, you can protect your back while lifting heavy items.

    Start by testing the load and considering the surface of the floor. You should also use a stable position and keep the load close to your waist. Most of all, keep your back straight when lifting heavy items.

    Follow these tips and you’ll reduce your risk of injuring your back. An essential tip for safe lifting is to keep the load close to your waist with the best belt for fat guys.

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