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6 Best Ways To Protect Your Eyesight This Summer

    When you were a kid you probably heard many times the saying “Pay attention to your eyes, you only have two”. The saying was used even hundred years ago, but since nowadays there are even more things that risk the health of our eyes the importance of saying hasn’t lost but it has just started to be used more frequently. In this article, we will walk through the best methods on how to keep your eye vision as safe as possible.


    1. A healthy diet: these vegetables are good for the eyes


    Eating lots of carrots is good for your eyes. But carrots are not the only ones that contain vitamin A. Paprika, red beet, lamb’s lettuce, spinach, apricots and broccoli also provide this substance.


    Vitamins C and E protect the eyes from “free radicals”. These are the result of the interaction between light and oxygen and create an aggressive association that can damage the cells of the eye. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, paprika, rosehips, redcurrants, sea buckthorn berries, kiwi, sauerkraut, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and kale. Vitamin E is provided by vegetable oils, nuts, soya, asparagus and kale.


    Green vegetables have an excellent reputation because they contain a substance, lutein, which filters out harmful UV rays, acting almost like “natural sunglasses” for the retina. However, it does not replace real sunglasses with UV filters. You should also know that nowadays you can get most of the vitamins from different eye health supplements


    1. Ophthalmologist’s check-up: knowing how to take the lead


    Many eye diseases do not occur suddenly, but insidiously. Light sensitivity increases and visual acuity deteriorates. Regular checks by the ophthalmologist allow early detection of the first signs of an eye condition. Doctors recommend a check-up at least every five years.


    From the age of 40, it is recommended to visit once every two years, as the risk of glaucoma increases, an eye disease that is one of the most common causes of blindness in the world. It is advisable to increase these consultations in people with diabetes or high blood pressure.


    1. Working on a screen for long hours damages seriously your eyes


    Working on a screen is tiring for the eyes, which are forced to look at a short distance for hours. In doing so, most people blink much less than they should, resulting in dry eyes, as each blink renews the tear fluid.

    And dry eyes can quickly lead to headaches and blurred vision. Ensure that the workstation is located, that it is bright and that the office chair is ergonomic.


    The recommended distance between the eye and the screen is about 50 to 80 centimetres. The location of the screen also has an influence on the health of the eye: if it is placed too high, the eyes must make too much effort.


    Ideally, a workstation at right angles to the window and positioned so that you can see the top edge of the screen straight ahead in front of you. The office chair must be swivelling and support the body in such a way as to make it easier to look through the window into the distance.


    1. Eye exercises


    Our eyes need rest phases, these exercises will allow you a short break to relieve visual stress:


    Near-distant exercise


    The eyes need a change. Be sure to vary the viewing distances regularly. This exerts the adjustment of visual acuity. Several times a day, consciously look away through the window. Fix the horizon by breathing deeply several times. Conscious breathing rests the whole body and even the eyes.


    Three-point massage


    This exercise is particularly suitable for people who wear glasses, but also for all those who do not wear them. Place the thumb and middle finger on the root of the nose and the index finger between the eyebrows. Then massage the areas with all three fingers for 10 to 20 seconds using light circular movements.


    1. Dry eyes: homemade remedies to relieve


    These natural home remedies can provide relief at the first signs of dry eyes:


    “Lacrimal” massage  


    The gentle massage of the eye contour area with the fingertips stimulates the production of tear fluid. Then massage the eyelids with the tips of your fingers, in circular movements and without pressure. This allows the tear fluid to be distributed.

    If the disorders do not disappear after three days, consult a doctor.


    Eye fatigue: Relieve your eyes!


    When the eyes are overloaded, after a prolonged reading or working on a screen for example, it is recommended to look away and/or close your eyes briefly, take a deep breath and do an eye self-massage… Discover simple exercises that are accessible to everyone, to be tested before using medication or as a complement to treatment.


    Cucumber or cottage cheese


    Apply fresh cucumber slices to closed eyes for about ten minutes. If you prefer the heat, simply spread a tablespoon of warm cottage cheese over your eyes. Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Both applications have a cooling effect.


    1. Menopause: act in time against dry eyes


    During menopause, many women suffer from dry eyes, this is due to the influence of hormonal variations on the tear film. If the secretion is disturbed and the cornea is not sufficiently moistened, the eyes start to burn, blush and give the sensation of having a foreign body.


    Taking hormone replacement therapy can also increase the risk of dry eyes. Consult a doctor.


    1. Go out regularly to the open air and make sure to maintain a high level of humidity (between 40 and 65%) thanks to ventilation, green plants and humidifiers.
    2. Draughts can irritate the eyes. When driving, adjust the fan so that it does not blow directly into your eyes.
    3. Protect your eyes from UV rays with sunglasses.
    4. Drink plenty of fluids, as maintaining a balanced water supply also preserves eye moisture.
    5. Make short visual breaks.


    I hope the techniques mentioned here first of all will raise the awareness on how important the health of your eyes. I know that most of you have to stay in front of a smart-device every day for long hours, but never forget to take care of your eyes. Few seconds of looking away from your screen everyday can make a huge difference.