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6 Hobbies that Can Help Reduce Stress

    In today’s world with the increasing chaos, responsibilities, and worries we all can easily stress out. As a result, we quickly snap out on others, lose our cool and fret over the smallest of issues. Stress can affect our mental health, cause negative thoughts and may lead to depression if left untreated. It can also affect our physical well-being as it increases the risk of heart-related illnesses, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.  

    There are different ways to combat stress; yoga and meditation are known to be the most effective activities. However for many of us silencing our thoughts while quietly sitting in the corner of the room may not be the most feasible option. So while you find the motivation for meditation, here are six hobbies that can you can try your hands at to reduce stress. These hobbies can help you take a break from the everyday activities and act as a source of relaxation.

    Maintain a Journal

    We all have good and bad days in our lives; there are times when we are unable to vent out our feelings. The best way to express and reflect on your thoughts is to pen them down. Research reveals that writing our thoughts can make them less stressful and ignites our creativity providing a channel to express our emotions constructively.


    It is one of the hobbies that provide us an opportunity to interact with nature. Gardening is a productive hobby that calms your mind, the thought of caring for other living beings makes you feel good. Research also suggests that the bacteria in the soil can boost the production of serotonin in your brain which contributes to happiness and improved moods.

    Bird Watching

    The beauty of nature has the power to soothe our souls. Exploring the outdoors makes us realize how fortunate we are to be in this world. Well, one such hobby that allows us to investigate our curiosities and get closer to nature is bird watching. Research shows that spending time around birds can make humans healthier and happier, even if you get to spot them in your backyard. You can set up a bird aviary in your yard and keep pet birds, hang feeders to attract wild birds or get yourself a pair of binoculars and visit the bird trails near your area.


    It may seem boring to you, but knitting is a constructive hobby that benefits your mental well-being. Many consider the practice to be meditative as the repetitive movements help maintain focus and promotes mindfulness. Those who knit in their free times find it a source of relaxation after a stressful day. It also makes the brain sharp and acts as a good exercise for the fingers.


    Painting is an expression of creativity paired with drawing skills. Those who love to paint use it to express their emotions as it helps them feel mentally clear and calm. When artists get into their creative zone, they get disconnected from the entire world and go with their creative flow which acts as a meditative state for them. They forget all their worries and focus entirely on their masterpiece, and the completion of their works brings them peace and helps them feel accomplished.

    Listening to Music

    For those who wish to heal their hearts and minds, music is the perfect hobby. Listening to music and moreover composing it aids in lowering anxiety, stress, pain and may boost your mood instantly. According to a study by Harvard, listening to music for 30 minutes can reduce blood pressure and decrease your heart rate thereby promoting an overall calming effect. Even learning the art of playing an instrument can relieve stress for you and those around that can listen to your compositions or creations.

    Author Byline:

    Danica Boyd is a bird enthusiast and nature lover. She has been keeping pet birds for several years and now has tons of practical experience in caring for birds. She writes for the team behind