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6 Mistakes with Kitchen Remodels to Avoid for Restaurants

    Did you know that cuts and punctures account for 22% of the injuries that occur in restaurant kitchens? Burns, falls, and sprains are not far behind. Check A+ Construction & Remodeling if you want to learn more.

    This information might be intimidating but fear not. There are a few ways to reduce the likelihood of such injuries and to keep your kitchen functioning flawlessly. 

    We are going to cover six of the biggest mistakes with kitchen remodels to help you avoid accidents and maximize productivity. Read on to discover the mistakes to avoid so your commercial kitchen equipment can do business like none other.  

    Inadequate Ventilation 

    Ventilation for kitchens is extremely important. Inadequate ventilation cause health hazards related to breathing in dirty air. It will also result in foul odors seeping out into the dining room, ruining the experience for your customers. 

    Inadequate ventilation can also cause a buildup of grease and residue that are very difficult to clean. Always consult an expert to organize the ductwork and ensure that the hoods are the right size so that dirty and smoky air is vented out properly.  

    Inappropriate Lighting

    One of the big mistakes with kitchen remodels is failing to install appropriate lighting. Lighting for kitchens is essential for safety and practicality. Make sure that the chef can see the food well to check that it is cooked, that the sous chef can see their fingers to avoid accidents, and that the waiters can see each other to minimize crashes. 

    Make sure to choose the right type of bulbs so that they don’t increase the temperature in the kitchen too much, creating an uncomfortable work environment. 

    Failure to Consider Workflow

    Be sure to account for workflow when remodeling the kitchen. Consider who needs to be where and when to ensure that the kitchen is big enough for everyone.

    Plated food should be easily accessible to the waiters walking in and out of the dining room, and wash stations should be out of the way of the chef and other kitchen traffic. Can a built in microwave be used on a countertop? Click on the link to find out!

    Forgetting to Plan for Trash and Recycling

    Trash and recycling spaces often fall by the wayside in kitchen remodels, but they are an important part of maintaining a business that runs smoothly. Make sure to have a space in the kitchen dedicated to refuse and commercial kitchen floor drains for the remnants. 

    Using the Wrong Materials

    When considering a kitchen remodeling service, talk about the building materials that will be used. Make sure to choose non-slip floors that are easy to clean and anti-microbial countertops to maintain proper hygiene. Backsplashes should be stainless steel so they can withstand heat.

    Small Wash Stations

    Don’t make the mistake of focusing on the cooking area at the expense of the wash station. The wash station is an important aspect of maintaining a smooth workflow. Account for the size of the restaurant and the number of plates, utensils, and so on it requires so you can ensure the wash stations can handle the quantity. 

    Avoid Expensive Mistakes With Kitchen Remodels

    Avoid these mistakes with kitchen remodels to ensure safety and productivity. All of this will also culminate in a positive dining experience for your guests, so you won’t want to skimp on any of these tips. 

    For more kitchen insight and beyond, be sure to visit our blog.