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6 Natural Remedies to Soothe Your Sore Throat

    If you think that only specific people suffer from sore throats then you are wrong.  It is one of the common health issues and anyone at any age suffers from a sore throat. It is such a painful disease that even talking would hurt your throat. 


    What is a Sore Throat?

    Sore throat is basically the irritation, pain and itchiness in your throat. The most common or primary symptom of the sore throat is “throat pain”. The pain would be even worse if you try to eat and swallow food or any liquid. Normally as the doctors of the Holy Family Hospital even if you don’t necessarily have to visit a doctor for your sore throat, still it would be painful that you won’t be able to sleep properly at night. 


    Causes of Sore Throat

    There are several factors that can cause sore throat which are:

    • Viral infections– Influenza, Mumps, Mononucleosis, Parainfluenza virus and herpangina virus are some of the common causes of sore throat.
    • Bacterial Infections– It is the less common cause of sore throat. Strep throat, epiglottitis, diphtheria, peritonsillar abscess, tonsillitis and retropharyngeal abscess are the common bacteria that cause sore throat. 
    • STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases) can also cause sore throat.
    • Irritants/ Toxins such as air pollution, cigarette smoke and noxious airborne chemicals.
    • Medical Conditions such as Cough, Allergies, Postnasal drip, Tumours, GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease).
    • Intentional and unintentional ingestion of certain substances such as bleach.
    • Any Injury and Trauma.
    • Excessive screaming or yelling.

    Natural Remedies to Cure Sore Throat

    According to General Physicians in Karachi, a sore throat can be painful but no need to worry, here are some home remedies that can help you in soothing irritation and pain.


    • Honey


     Without a doubt, one of the most effective home remedies to cure a sore throat. According to one study, honey is an efficient wound healer and curing nighttime coughs. It’s up to you whether you want to take one teaspoon of honey or take it by mixing it with tea. It will be effective in both ways.



    • Garlic


     It is one of the common and ancient herbs used in food recipes. Loaded with antibacterial properties, it has an organosulfur compound- allicin which helps it in fighting infections. Research has reported that consuming garlic daily helps in protecting from the common cold virus. 


    If you naturally want to add antimicrobial properties to your diet that opt for fresh garlic in your diet. Not only this, garlic has many miraculous healing properties and you can also improve your breath and protect your teeth from various enzymatic reactions by simply washing your teeth with garlic.



    •  Peppermint


    You might have heard about peppermint in order to freshen your breath. To relieve the pain of your sore throat, you can use oil sprays of diluted peppermint. 


    The main substance in peppermint to soothe your sore throat by thinning the mucus is methanol. Not only this, peppermint has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties that help in healing. 



    • Salt Water


    One of the easy and your go-to home remedies is “saltwater”. You simply need half tbsp. of salt and put it in a glass of water and boil it. Once lukewarm, you can simply do gargles and help in soothing your sore throat. This remedy is also thought to be effective in killing bacteria in the throat. You need to repeat this remedy after every 3 hours or so for effective results.



    • Baking Soda Gargles


    Even though the most common gargle remedy is saltwater, adding baking soda to your saltwater is proved to be effective in curing sore throat. Opting for this gargle helps in preventing the growth of fungi and years and kills the bacteria.  


    According to the National Cancer Institute, you need to make baking soda gargles by using 1/8 teaspoons of the salt, ¼ teaspoons of baking soda and 1 cup of warm water and gargle as per need after three hours.



    • Other Home Remedies


    Apart from these 5 home remedies, chamomile tea, fenugreek, marshmallow root, slippery elm, liquorice root, apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper are other effective remedies for sore throat.


    For Infants and Children

    In the case of infants and children, sore throats are worse and they don’t show much signs and symptoms of the sore throat. 

    So here are a few ways by which you can help your child:

    • Use a humidifier in your kids’ room.
    • Avoid giving honey to children under 1 year of age.
    • Keep them hydrated but avoid citrus juices.


    In the End,

    Sore throat is painful and you need to protect yourself as it can be contagious in case of any microbial infection. Clean your hands regularly and thoroughly. Stay away from fumes and chemicals. Avoid eating spicy foods and chilled cold drinks as it causes sore throat.