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6 Rehab Myths that Should Never Hold You Back from Recovery

    There’s a negative stigma widespread within America about substance use and the rehab facilities that are there to treat this issue. Sadly, these myths can make an individual back out of seeking help.

    In this piece, we seek to debunk some common myths associated with rehab centres. We hope this gives you the courage you need to pick out your best option for treatment.

    You Must First Hit Rock before Going to Rehab

    One enduring myth is that before you can really begin to take steps toward recovery, you must hit rock bottom. Hitting rock bottom can give someone a wakeup call that they need addiction treatment but it’s no prerequisite for receiving help.

    Rock bottom may be quite an ugly place. It might mean you’ve been alienated from your family, caught a deadly disease, or you’re homeless. When you’re at rock bottom, you lose many of the tools you need during recoveries, such as supportive family and friends. It’s vital to keep in mind that even people who’ve hit rock bottom can get treated successfully but, if possible, don’t wait to hit rock bottom before you weigh your treatment options.

    It’s Impossible to Overcome Addiction

    Beating an addiction is no mean feat and it can seem just about impossible when you do it on your own. This is why getting the help and support of professionals is critical to the success of a recovery program.

    Addiction is a condition that’ll stay with you for life. But this doesn’t mean you’ll be addicted for life. Rehabilitation is a lifelong process and journey, so get started as soon as you can.

    Rehab is for the Rich People Only

    While it’s true that a lot of rehab facilities do cost an arm and a leg, that shouldn’t discourage you from seeking help. With the Affordable Healthcare Act in place, rehab has never been more accessible.

    Many rehabs accept various private insurance plans, and some take Medicaid. Most provide financing options, monthly payment plans, or sliding-fee scales. Some non-profit organizations even offer free treatment, financial aid, or payment aid for people in dire financial straits.

    The Best Rehab Uses one Method to Treat Everybody

    Many people believe that addiction treatment is a one-size-fits-all cure that’ll fix everyone’s issue with the same kind of treatment. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Since every person has their own addiction experience, so too will be their experience in the rehab. In fact, more often than not, addicts will not respond the same way to similar treatments. Usually, the best option is to use a mix of treatment options that have been optimized and tweaked by a professional to address the specific needs of the individual seeking treatment.

    All Rehabs Facilities Are the Same

    Not all kinds of rehab facilities or treatment are the same. The treatments, programs, and doctors are all different, so do your homework before choosing a treatment program.

    You Can Do it by Yourself

    While the drive to quit will be critical to making it through treatment successfully, that alone isn’t enough. Treatment offers expert advice of individuals who can guide you through it, and support, structure, and accountability to help you not relapse once you’re done.

    Reclaim Your Life

    These misconceptions about drug abuse can become a stumbling block on the road towards your recovery. Please don’t allow them to stop you from seeking out the professional help you need. It’s time to discover your healthy, new you!