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6 Simple Rules For Amazing Health

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    In this age, health is an underrated blessing. We, humans, spend the lion’s share of our day obsessed with materialistic gains, and we find ourselves increasingly busy, to the point where we can’t find time to work on ourselves, specifically on our health.

    Neglecting health can be a fatal mistake. However, there is no reason why, with a proper regimen and optimistic mindset, one can’t make conscious health choices that will ultimately result in a productive and fulfilling life.


    • Junk Food Is Junk For A Reason



    Too much sugar,high in calories and unwanted levels of sodium make your skin look bloated. No matter what your particular preferences, if you consume junk food regularly, you are no stranger to these things.  There are much better ways to get the energy that you need or the sensory gratification that you crave.

    The first step towards a healthy life is to start making healthier choices with regards to what goes in your stomach. Processed and canned foods are high in salt and LDL cholesterol, which can cause an increase in blood pressure and heart diseases, respectively. Cans of soda are alluring, but they kill you from the inside; you are drinking a can of calories.

    Instead, it is advisable to invest in fruits and vegetables. Need something crunchy? Substitute your crisps with delicious carrots. Need something sweet? Substitute your sweets with dates, mangoes, and other fruits. The key thing to remember is that instead of treating healthy food like something terrible that you have to get used to, think of it as the natural substitutes to junk food that make you feel much better mentally and physically.


    • Love Your Muscles



    Be it a college student juggling a load of assignments or a housewife struggling to wrap up her chores; it is certainly hard for people to find time to exercise and indulge in any form of physical exertion that gets the heart pumping and the feel-good chemicals flowing.

    You don’t have to spend three hours every day in a gym doing intense workouts; not only is that unrealistic, but you will also certainly end up hating it and give up on it. Instead, choose an activity that you can perform every day without fail.

    It could be something as simple as walking for thirty minutes, or something trickier like going out on your mountain bike. As long as you are consistently exerting your body in a suitable manner, you are increasing your chances of living a long and healthy life.



    • Make Way For The Personal Time



    In this largely secular world, most of us find it easy to laugh off the idea of meditation. However, while you don’t have to sit down cross-legged with incense sticks all around you, you must try to spend at least ten minutes doing nothing but breathing deeply and consciously.

    You enter a moment of bliss where your mind is blank, and you are temporarily at peace.  Not only is it great for your mood, but it will also enhance your brain power.


    • Two Parts Hydrogen And One Part Oxygen



    Hydration is important. You should make it a habit to drink at least eight glasses of water daily, though the actual number depends on your age. This will not only make your skin clearer but will also make you feel more relaxed.


    • Give Up On The Vices



    Smoking and drinking alcohol are not worth it. In the long run, it is all too easy to develop a multitude of ailments as a result and become extremely unfit.


    • So You Think You Can Laugh



    I left this for last because this is by far the simplest step you can take to live a more healthy life. Just laugh. Research shows that laughing and generally staying cheery can have a tremendously positive impact on your health, and it certainly helps you combat stress. So yes, find the time to watch that episode of Friends that you have been putting off for whatever reason.