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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Hip Pain and Pregnancy

    6 Things You Didn’t Know About Hip Pain and Pregnancy

    You might feel like you’re the only one whose hips are hurting during pregnancy. While this may have been an isolating factor for you in the past, it doesn’t have to be anymore. Hips hurting during pregnancy is actually a very normal part of the pregnancy journey. Even though this discomfort is very normal, there is still so much to learn about it. Discover why your hips are hurting, and maybe even some tips and tricks to help alleviate pain.

    1. Hips Hurting During Pregnancy is Normal

    As stated before, hips hurting during pregnancy is normal. Many women experience this type of discomfort along their pregnancy journey. It’s possible that your hip pain is in both your hips and also your back. There are also certain stages of pregnancy when the hip pain is most common. Another common trait about hip pain is that it impairs sleep and overall comfort you would feel during the day.  

    2. When is it Most Common to Experience Hip Pain?

    The most common point in your pregnancy for your hips to potentially hurt is during the third trimester. This is largely because of the natural shifts and changes that happen as your uterus enlarges and stretches in order to prepare for childbearing. This change puts pressure on your body which leads to hips hurting during pregnancy.

    Another trimester that you might experience hip pain throughout is the second trimester. This often is due to ligament pain, which is another natural occurrence as your body loosens and stretches to prepare for giving birth.

    3. Common Causes of Pregnancy Hip Pain

    Now that you know when hip pain occurs, let’s take a closer look at potential reasons your hips are hurting during pregnancy.  

    • Round ligament pain: as mentioned before, round ligament pain may occur in your hips, lower back, and occasionally your abdomen.
    • Sciatic pressure: sciatic pressure occurs due to the enlargement of the uterus and other internal shiftings that put stress in this location. Sciatic pressure can impact your hips and back. 
    • Body changes: in general, your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. The amount of changes, stress of the body, and hormonal surges all impact the discomfort your body can feel during pregnancy. 

    All of these potential causes for hip pain are very common and can be considered as possible reasonings for the discomfort you feel. 

    4. How You Sleep Matters

    Another key ingredient in understanding your hips hurting during pregnancy is the way your sleeping position can impact hip pain. 

    If your knees are not bent while sleeping, you may be worsening your hip pain without even realizing it. A great way to alleviate hip pain can be found in the way you lay down to sleep at night. Consider trying sleeping with your knees and legs slightly bent. Another potentially helpful tip is to put a pillow in between your legs while you sleep. You can also add pillows all around you to support whatever place in your body needs extra tension relief. 

    5. Try Pregnancy Products

    There are many products that are safe for pregnancy that you can use to help support body relaxation and reduced muscle tension.

    Consider these products:

    • Oatmeal lotion: try using some oatmeal lotion to support skin moisture, but also as a gentle massaging agent in the places that are experiencing pain. 
    • Therapeutic bath salts: bath salts can be a great addition to a relaxing, warm bath
    • Bath bombs: try an assorted variety of calming scents found in bath bombs. They could be just the right touch of that at-home spa treatment you were looking for.

    Try out these pregnancy products in order to support your body in a holistic way.

    6. Lifestyle Routines Can Help

    Incorporating a few different lifestyle adjustments in your daily routine might make all the difference. Consider adding stretching as a part of your daily regimen. Stretching can loosen the places in your body that feel tight and tense. There are several stretches that are safe in pregnancy. Decide which ones are right for you and your needs.

    You might want to consider taking a warm bath, as stated before. Warm baths can help your mind and body rest from all the work it is doing in growing and carrying a child. A nice soak in a soothing bath can relax the muscles that have built up so much stress and tension over the last few months.

    The More You Know

    Armed with knowledge, you can now take on your hips hurting during pregnancy like a champ. There is much to learn about the pregnancy process, but with knowledge comes power. You have the power to support your body during your pregnancy.