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6 Top Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Family Dentist

    Many people will never be found in a dentist’s office unless they’re experience some kind of dental discomfort such as a toothache, problems chewing etc. This is because many people take a curative approach to general health due to the misconception that regular visits to dental experts are expensive and unnecessary. Although a regular visit to some medical experts may leave your pockets a little lighter than you’d like, it also depends on why you’re visiting them in the first place.

    Most people who visit general dentistry practices do so to have something fixed. This might be to have a cavity filled, a root canal or something else along those lines. However, when it comes to family dentistry, the approach is a bit different. While both types of dentists are interested in the health of your teeth, family dentists tend to take a preventive approach to the practice. This means they are the people to turn to for procedures such as check-ups, regular cleanings etc. According to many experts, just visiting your dental expert every six months could mean never needing another dental procedure in your life. Here are six major reasons why you should be thinking about getting a family dental expert for your household:

    1.      Familiarity with Dental History

    Continuity is an important aspect in many types of treatment. Imagine going to a new dental practice where they have no idea about your medical or dental history. If you are allergic to some of the medication that they may use, you’ll need to be able to tell them. If you’re in no position to communicate this to them, they’ll need to be able to reach someone who knows about this medical history. An expert who has been treating you for years will be a good place to start.

    Additionally, a person who is familiar with your dental history and the dental work that you’ve had done will mean any procedure that needs to be done will take place quicker. This is because they already know a lot about the state of your dental health.

    1.      Introducing Your Children to a Dentist

    The lives of children are filled with every kind of horror story about dentists imaginable. This makes it difficult for them to go for dental appointments. Many of us have seen the horror of many children when they visit a dental practice. However, going to see dentists doesn’t have to be such a huge challenge. If you have your own family dentist, this will not be a stranger that you’ll be taking your children to. It will be a friendly face that they’ve probably grown accustomed to. It maybe someone who’s treated them before.

    Additionally, when you’re putting your child in the hands of a dental expert that you know quite well, you as the parent will also be comfortable with this. Family dentists also have more experiencing working with young children and will therefore know how to make the experience less threatening.

    1.      Emergency Dental Care

    There’s a good chance you’ll never face a dental emergency in your life. However, there is no guarantee that this won’t happen; this is why it would be an emergency. If you have a general dental practice that you only visit rarely, it may be an uphill task to convince the dentists to attend to your emergency after-hours. However, a family dental practice with whom you’re quite familiar will take your plight very seriously and will likely do whatever they can to assist you during the emergency. In such a practice, you’re a recognised client and they will not want to be the service provider who didn’t help you when you need them most.

    1.      Convenience

    If there’s a service that you’re almost 100% sure you’ll be needing regularly over the course of your life, convenience is key. For example, you’ll likely need the services of a mechanic if you drive a car. Going to a new mechanic every time can be quite inconvenient because:

    • You’re unfamiliar with the quality of their work
    • You don’t know whether to trust them with a prized possession
    • They may put you at the back end of a very long waiting line
    • They may not be reachable if further problems come up

    The same ideas also apply when it comes to dentistry. For a person whose teeth are in good shape, they’ll need to visit dentists regularly to ensure the teeth remain that way. For those whose teeth need some work, they’ll need dentists whose work they’re already familiar with. A family dentist, in such a situation, becomes a convenience. Your appointments will be easier to set up even if you need to do so several weeks in advance and you’ll also be able to easily reach someone if something else comes up.

    1.      They have a Long-Term Interest in You

    In any business, company or practice, long-term customers are always given preferential treatment. While this may seem unfair to the one-time visitor, it’s this type of business model that ensures many enterprises survive. The one-time customer may also be bringing in money but the long-term customers bring in money on a continuous basis. While many businesses understand the need of bringing in new customers, they also know that they cannot survive without their regular customers.

    When you have a family Dentist that you’ve been seeing regularly, they will go to great lengths to ensure that they remain your preferred choice.

    1.      Easy Payment Plans

    Certain dental procedures don’t come cheap and making the payments may be tough for you especially on short notice. Like with any business, a family dental practice that knows you and your family is likely to be more understanding and willing to present you with a payment solution that makes things easier for you. This isn’t to say that you can’t get a payment plan at some practice but with such things, it may help to be talking to a familiar face.