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6 Ways A Physician Answering Service Increases Productivity

    Ensuring productive operation is the goal of every medical practice owner. This should match customer satisfaction requirements in the market. Luckily, there are various ways to make customers happy while offering quality health care. The first step is having streamlined processes to increase productivity. The best thing to do is to use a physician answering service. This boosts productivity in the following ways.

    Never Miss Calls

    An answering service ensures that a professional handles all calls to your practice. This eliminates the chances of missing important calls because your employees were busy. Talking to a live person gives patients a better experience compared to listening to voicemail. You can choose how the agent can handle your calls. The agents can forward the calls to an appropriate physician or take a message.

    There is always peace of mind that all important calls you can’t take at particular moments are getting to your practice. With this, productivity in your medical practice is obviously going to shoot through the roof. Your employees are to spend little time calling back patients whose calls they missed. Keep in mind that these are more likely to call another practice. 

    Focus on quality patient care

    With professional and experience agents from a physicians answering service company handling all calls to your practice, your staff can focus on offering quality patient care. Handling calls is a full-time job especially when your practice has a high call volume. Having your staff to juggle patient care with answering calls causes burnout. Hiring an answering service is the solution to avoid this. 

    Lifting the burden of answering calls off your shoulders allows your staff to concentrate on daily tasks that enhance patient care. Turn the responsibility of answering calls to professionals and set aside time to check important messages. Additionally, the agents will only forward high priority and emergency calls to the appropriate person. This gives room to other employees to focus on patient care. Doing this boosts productivity and enhances the quality of patient care.

    Offering appropriate information

    Offering exceptional customer service is an ingredient for success in business. There is a big chance of lacking the appropriate personnel and resources to offer quality service to patients over the phone. Fortunately, outsourcing your phone tasks to an answering service is a smart idea. This assigns professional and dedicated reps to handle all calls to your practice boosting your service quality and avoids staff burnout. 

    An answering service usually works 24/7 so callers can always get the attention they deserve. Reps ask questions to gather important information from callers and respond to callers FAQs. Additionally, the reps filter calls and only forward emergency calls to the physician. The answering service streamlines your medical practice operations , especially when responding to incoming caller questions and requests. 

    Eliminates interruptions

    Nothing hurts productivity than interruptions. Incessant calls while attending to patients is not something to wish for in your practice. You obviously have to keep attending to patients. However, there is a risk of missing important calls. This results in a loss of business and reputational damage. Fortunately, you can avoid all these when you hire an answering service to handle all calls to your practice. 

    You will have professional and experienced reps maintaining communication with patients while avoiding interruptions. This allows focusing on offering quality patient care without worry of interruptions. You will always have peace of mind that your callers are getting the attention they deserve for a positive experience. 

    Organized office

    Handling calls in a medical practice come with a difficult task of organization after each call. This requires a dedicated team to gather information, handle patient requests, and take messages. You obviously need to have a big budget to hire competent staff, purchase equipment, and get additional space for this team. 

    Well, a professional answering service is a better way to ensure organization in your medical practice. You will always have peace of mind that professional reps are available 24/7 to respond to calls. This organization boosts productivity or all operations in your office. It eliminates the risk of losing track of important patient information. The best thing is knowing that all calls are responded to in an organized and timely manner. 

    Extra money for other business functions 

    You have already noticed how juggling phone answering and patient care significantly affects productivity. The solution is to have a team responsible for all phone-related tasks. Maintaining an in-house team comes with various costs including paying salary, purchasing equipment, and extra space. When you opt for an answering service, you pay a monthly flat rate of about $65. 

    This allows saving money to spend on other business processes to promote productivity. Perhaps you can use the savings to invest in vital equipment for your medical practice. Paying an answering service a flat rate makes budgeting easy. You will always know how much to pay for the service every month. 

    In summary 

    Regardless of business automation, live phone answering is here to stay. Callers prefer talking to a live agent who can listen and empathize with their condition. The road map to better organization in your practice is to use physician answering service.