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6 Ways to Keep a Healthy Skin Routine While Pregnant

    Pregnancy is considered as a blissful experience for many, although utmost care must be taken due to constant hormonal alterations and fluctuations taking place within the anatomy. With increased levels of estrogen within the body being released as well as progesterone, a variety of changes can be noticed within the functioning of the body as well as the overall outlook.

    The Skin is among the first to notice changes; therefore, it is essential to take enhanced care of it. To maintain a healthy looking skin during pregnancy, the mentioned below tips can be of much help.

    Avoid the Urge to pop Pimples

    Acne breakouts or pimples showing up on the skin are among the most common affects noticeably upon the skin of expecting mothers. Pimples on the face mostly pave the way for the creation of the urge to pop them, which under all circumstances must be avoided or subsided.

    Intentionally popping pimples with the help of blunt force can lead to prolonged marks being left on the skin and in severe cases, permanent pimple marks.

    Re-evaluate your anti-aging or acne creams

    Utmost care is needed not only with what you take into your body in the form of food but also with what you may be applying to your skin during pregnancy. Although anti-aging creams may be a best friend for many expecting mothers but at the very same time, one must also be cautious about certain chemicals integrated within them that are considered as being harmful during pregnancy.  

    Creams containing Retin-A, Tetracyclines must under all circumstances be avoided. Botox will also need to be given up during the pregnancy time-period. For healthier, pregnancy safe forms of pampering the skin, natural masks such as those that are clay based can be utilized to achieve youthful looking skin during pregnancy. You can also use the top quality cleansers to protect your skin from pre-aging. This will help you to look young and beautiful in pregnancy.

    Loads of Water Intake

    The secret to glowing skin regardless of whether you may be pregnant or not is the intake of a sufficient amount of water to allow for a constant out-flows of toxins from the body. As the skin stretches during the pregnancy period, it dries out; therefore, the need for extra moisture is required for keeping the skin in its supple, healthy-looking form during pregnancy.

    Eat Right

    The intake of correct food-types will not only help with ensuring that the baby is in good health but also aid in keeping the skin, hair, and nails of expecting mothers are looking good. Foods containing Vitamin C, such as those found in citrus fruits like oranges can significantly help with wrinkles while those containing vitamin

    A such as those found in leafy green vegetables as well as carrots aid with maintaining a healthy and a glowing complexion. Be sure; however, to not imbalance your diet by concentrating on one particular food-type, it is best advised to maintain a balanced intake.

    Take Prenatal Pills

    To fully cover the requirement of the body during pregnancy of additional vitamins such as folic acid, it is also essential to consult with your doctor and discuss your options for prenatal pills. Prenatal pills help out with ensuring that all-sufficient vitamin requirements for the healthy growth of your child as well as your own body, are met.


    Exercising during pregnancy not only serves the purpose of maintaining a constant check over the pregnancy weight-gain but also aids in ensuring that the body sweats on a frequent basis. Via sweating, toxins from the body are eliminated efficiently leaving behind fresh as well as rejuvenated looking skin.

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