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7 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

    Constant headaches, illnesses, getting older, depression… as if the stress of everyday life wasn’t enough. We wish there already was a universal remedy for all the complaints and medical conditions. Although, in the meantime, we have to look for alternatives to miracle solutions.

    Producers are offering us various supplements and cosmetics that are supposed to make our daily races survivable and our appearance hides age and exhaustion. There may not be any magical potion on the market yet but we can make good use of trying out the accessible novelties.

    This time we decided to take a closer look at the benefits of using CBD oil. There are more and more companies dedicating their work to CBD products and we wanted to know why. Here’s what we’ve found out!

    1. Calms you down

    The calming effect is as broad as it sounds. It’s not only helpful in dealing with mild stress. CBD oils are also used in depression, anxiety, and PTSD treatment. THC is not recommended for people with such mental problems (it might stimulate the production of creatinine — stress hormone). However, hemp derivatives contain only trace levels of THC or nothing at all. CBD has a similar chemical structure to THC but is devoid of its psychoactive properties. Thanks to that it has nearly the same relaxing effect as marijuana products.

    1. Relieves the Pain

    Thanks to the developed endocannabinoid system in our body, our organism is able to respond to the CBD oil components. The cannabinoid receptors are even present in our skin! The oil can relieve various kinds of pain and has anti-inflammatory properties. CBD vape oils are popular among people suffering from cancer and the side effects of chemotherapy. There are also CBD balms and salves that work well in relieving pain caused in rheumatoid arthritis or peripheral neuropathy. Not only this, CBD can help even animals in dealing with issues like inflammation, arthritis or chronic pain. cbdschool has the information about it.

    1. Reduces Acne

    Probably most of us have experienced skin problems. There were times when steroid ointments were on top of the acne treatment methods. Unfortunately, that left us with visible deep scars after the pimples. Now cosmetology has many new solutions, and CBD oil cosmetics are one of them. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD reduce skin irritancy. Besides that, CBD regulates sebum production and heals scars! For reducing acne you might want to reach for either a pure CBD oil or natural cream containing the oil. 

    1. Stimulates Appetite

    CBD oils (either to vape or in the form of edibles) can be a great help in dealing with eating disorders (anorexia), nausea (neuropathy, migraines) or different reasons for lack of appetite (stress, depression). It also eases the chemotherapy gastric side effects such as pain and chronic vomiting.

    Especially in the case of an eating disorder, it’s highly important to stay under constant psychiatric medical care. The use of CBD oil increases the appetite which can lead to weight gain. The change of weight and appearance may cause a terrible shock and worsening the mental state of the patient.

    1. Helps to Stop the Development of Many Diseases

    CBD oil therapy can be supplementation of the main medical treatment of your illness. Vaporizing or consumption of the oil is helpful in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, AIDS, and neuropathy because it eases the pain and inflammation. CBD oil can support the therapy enough to help the main remedies stop the development of the illness.

    It’s also more and more common to use the oil to slow down the further development of Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, it’s only effective at the onset of the disease.

    1. Supports the Recovery after Workout

    The benefits of CBD oils from are increasingly more popular in the sports environment. After a day of hiking or an intense jogging session, your joints and muscles are tired and tensed. Stretching exercises and hot shower sometimes are not enough. Before going for traditional painkillers, try to complement your usual after-workout ritual with CBD oil balms. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD will quicken the recovery and soothe the pain of possible injuries.

    1. It’s Good for Your Pets!

    We’re not trying to talk you into getting your puppy high. The calming CBD properties affect positively the nervous system of animals, as well! There are specialized CBD oil medications dedicated to pets. Some pet blogs can help you to learn either using CBD oil safe for your pets or not.

    Stress is an enormous factor endangering the animal’s health. Even a single exposure to an intensely stressful situation can shorten an animal’s life by a couple of years. CBD oils will be helpful in the cases of separation anxiety disorder, veterinary appointments, introducing to new pets at home or traveling. Our pets deserve peace in their lives, as well!

    It’s great that Mother Nature is offering us so many possibilities and healthy solutions, and that we’re trying to make the best out of her gifts. Although as patients and consumers, we have to make our choices with common sense.

    All miraculous novelties cause a lot of fuss and misunderstandings. Big companies are often willing to take advantage of our lack of knowledge. That’s why we should look carefully for the best quality products and consult the use of it with our doctor if it’s supposed to be complementation of our medical treatment.