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7 Benefits of Yoga for Mind, Body & Soul

    The word Yoga has its roots in Sanskrit word yuj meaning to join or unite.

    Yoga, an ancient physical and spiritual discipline, is a branch of philosophy. 

    It was a traditional practice of the yogis, but with its popularity lately, it has become a form of fitness exercise.

    There are various advantages of yoga asana. These yoga poses have the best physical advantage, and in addition improve the psychological and mental wellbeing of a person. Yoga asana can be performed by any individual independently. Yoga asana deal with the quality, adaptability and recuperating of any sort of body afflictions. The discipline has really caught on around the world and Yoga classes are easily available in most cities where you can perform and learn these asanas.

    List of Yoga Benefits

    1.   Yoga makes your body flexible  

    Doing yoga regularly is most beneficial, and makes your body flexible. Different yoga stances include a lot of stretching. These aides in keeping up the general flexibility of the body. 

    1. Yoga fights against breathing and joint problems

    Yoga improves your breathing as it combats the asthma problem and other breathing diseases. It additionally helps individuals experiencing joint pain and other issues related to joints.

    1. Yoga reduces body pain

    Yoga reduces your back pain, headaches, cerebral pain and spinal pain. It fixes the body muscles and furthermore expands an individual’s capacity to deal with much more pain. By giving mental strength, yoga conquers any sort of physical and mental pain you are suffering.

    1. Yoga reduces body weight

    Yoga helps you to get in shape. The yoga asana improves your body’s metabolism, and thus reassuring weight loss. It likewise helps to control cravings.

    1. Yoga helps in mental well being

    Yoga helps in improving mental wellbeing. It distresses and relaxes the mind. It helps to increase the energy levels.

    1. Yoga controls cholesterol and high blood pressure level

    Yoga is one of the best ways to control your high blood pressure and cholesterol. It maintains the general blood and oxygen levels.

    1. Yoga gives inner peace

    Yoga calms your mind, gives internal peace and helps individuals to control emotions and maintain bliss and remain happy.

    Types of Yoga for a healthy life

    • Paschimottanasana

    Doing Paschimottanasana will relieve you from constipation related issues. You can do Paschimottanasana multiple times a day.

    • Ashtanga Yoga

    Ashtanga yoga is an excellent practice. It offers numerous benefits like increases strength, muscle tone and improves cardiovascular fitness. It also helps in reducing body fat. 

    • Vinyasa Yoga

    Vinyasa yoga combines two or more forms of yoga postures. It increases your stamina and endurance. The dynamic movements increase the heart rate and develop muscle tone and strength.

    • Bhujangasana Yoga

    Bhujangasana is a posture during which the body resembles a cobra. This asana is therefore popularly known as Cobra Pose

    Bhujangasana pose relieves you from hunchback and other health problems. It relieves your constipation problems and helps you reduce belly fat.

    Tips for the beginners


    1. Don’t compare yourself.
    2. Respect your body’s inner wisdom and limitations
    3. Understand the core of doing yoga
    4. Notice your breathing
    5. Get comfortable clothes while doing yoga
    6. Learn basic yoga poses

    Yoga is an art in the form of exercise which will give you an experience with limitless potential of the human spirit. Don’t expect to have to be strong and flexible in the beginning of the yoga practice, all you need is an open heart and the inspiration to do yoga from your heart. 


    Yoga is a great form of fitness training for all ages. It tones muscles, improves circulation, prevents cardiovascular disease, and gives many more benefits. Have a look on the Yoga benefits, Yoga Poses and Tips for beginners.

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