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7 Best Ways to Protect Your Ears and Maintain a Good Hearing Health

    When it comes to protecting your ears and maintaining good hearing health, you simply cannot go wrong. This is because once you lose your hearing, it is gone for good and nothing much can be done about this. The most prevalent cause of this loss is noise.

    The risk noise and most causes of hearing loss presents are often underestimated, the reason being that the damage manifests itself gradually. The fact is you can avoid damages to your ears by leading a healthy hearing life. Here are the top tips for protecting your ears and having a good hearing health.

    • Reduce your exposure to high noise

    The best way to protect your ears from damage is to reduce your exposure to high noise levels as much as you can.

    What is considered as high noise?

    • If you raise your voice in order to talk to other people
    • You can barely hear what other people are saying
    • You experience a ringing in your ears after exposure to noise
    • You can feel you ears hurt due to the noise
    • Monitor the volume of your devices

    A lot of people nowadays are at the risk of losing their hearing when they play loud sounds and music from their devices. If you would want to avoid damage to your ears when listening to music, use noise cancelling headphones or earphones. If you are one of those people who listens to music often, you could use the 60:60 rule. It states that when listening using your earphones or headphones your volume should be at 60% and you shouldn’t listen for more no more than 60 minutes at a time

    • Do not use cotton buds

    It is a common practice for most people to use cotton buds to clean wax from their ears which is not advisable at all. Ears are interestingly self-cleaning organs and they use wax to trap dust and other harmful particles from entering and damaging the ear canal. A thing to note is that inserting any object in your ear might lead to the risk of damaging sensitive organs in your ear. If you would want to clean your ears use a damp towel.

    • Get checked regularly

    When going for your regular medical checkups, make it a habit to also incorporate ear screenings as it is also an equally important aspect of your health. If you notice that you are beginning to lose your hearing, do not be shy to consult a professional as early as possible. Regular checkups ensure that any damages to your hearing are spotted early, and action is taken in good time, along with services like professional ear wax removal in Perth.

    • Wear protective gear

    It has been discovered that the most people who lose their hearing are those who work at noisy conditions. Working at airport grounds, construction sites, factories or any other noisy environments without the right ear protection is really dangerous and could cause loss of hearing in a very short time. Invest in protective hearing gear if you are around such noisy areas.

    • Keep your ears dry

    In case you got out for swimming or have a bath, make sure to dry your ears properly as excess moisture can lead to entry of bacteria causing  infection in your ears that can cause you to lose your hearing.

    • Exercise

    Exercising one of the best measures to boost your hearing health and to protect your ears. Exercises such as running, cycling or even walking prompt blood to be pumped to all your body parts which helps body organs (ears included) to work at a maximum level.

    Do not wait until it is too late to salvage your hearing, take action today to protect your ears and to have a good hearing health.

    This guest post is written by QuietZon