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7 Desk Exercises to Ease Lower Pains and Aches

    Lower back pain has now become a massive problem in people who spend much time sitting down at desks or work at home. It is reported that the people who work at their office desk suffer more from lower back pain due to maximum time spent sitting in one position and usually with bad posture. It can further turn into chronic pain if it is not treated on time or ignored. Sitting down adds more muscle tension in the back and restrict the blood flow through blood vessels and nerves which can cause lower back pain.

    Our body easily gets adapt our sitting and standing postures. Hence, wrong or abnormal sitting and standing positions turn into severe body pain. You can overcome this problem by just doing some simple exercises at your desk each day. Practicing the below-mentioned exercises can help by eliminating lower back pain, stretching the muscles and correcting lousy posture. So here are six most basic and practical exercises that are easy to incorporate into a busy day.


    • Standing Back Extension Stretch:


    Stand at your place without using your hands and do some back stretching supporting your lower back by placing hands on your back. It helps to get rid of back pain instantly and also increase back flexibility. Regular practice of this can help increase your performance with relative ease, strengthen your back, improve blood circulation and release the stiffness from the back. It also corrects the posture and slows the aging process too.


    • Raise hands with crossed fingers:


    Do a little stretching by raising the hands. Just cross your fingers and stretch your body while sitting on your desk. It helps to release the stress from your spine and improve the whole body stretching. It gives you relief shoulder pain, neck, and backache. You can practice it at any time anywhere while working.


    • Loose arm circles:


    Loosen arm circles is the most comfortable exercise you can do anywhere anytime inside or out. It is as easy as eating pizza; you have to loosen your hand and start moving in the circular motion. It helps to release stress and pain from the spine, neck, and shoulders. Performing this for 2 to 3 minutes will give you amazing results, and you do not even need any special equipment for doing this.


    • Back twisting:


    If you want instant relief from pain then back twisting is the one you should practice. It is the most effective exercise for lower back pain. You can do back twisting while sitting on the desk or standing straight. Back twisting de-stresses your body, strengthen the back muscles which can provide serious relief from the back pain especially caused due to a long hour sitting jobs.


    • Forward and Backward bending:


    I know it is challenging to sit 8 hours so, it’ very important to take short breaks for at least 10-15 minutes between 3 to 4 hours. During this break, you can do forward and backward bending or walk in the office corridors. It also gives you relief from severe back pain, corrects postural defects and strengthens your spinal bone.  


    • Find your comfort:


    Sitting in stress and discomfort pose is also responsible for severe back pain. So it is essential to find your comfort. Keep the thing within your reach so, that you do not need to struggle a lot to get those. It is recommended that always sit in the proper pose to reduce the back and body ache.


    • Stretch your back and shoulders with a “leg hug”:


    Stretch your back and shoulder by grabbing your leg with your hands. For doing this, sit on the edge of your chair and put your feet together and grab it into your hands. Repeat this once or twice a day to get relief from back pain instantly. It helps to release the stress from the body, improve blood circulation and strengthens the spinal bone.  

    Final Thoughts:

    No matter, how old are you? Spending most of the time on sitting job or standing can lead to severe back pain while working. Even healthy people become unhealthy after working long hours sitting or standing jobs. Changing positions, taking a short break, practicing quick stress relief exercises after some time is a great way to relieve strain. Everyone encounters stress at work. Its natural human body process, but you can get yourself healthy by following a daily exercise routine.

    Regular exercising improves not only overall health but also enhances overall performance and persona too. Exercises help to promote a healthy lifestyle and create a positive environment. Rejuvenates mind and helps to make positive relationships with certain people around will give emotional support. Visit Townsville & Suburban Medical Practice and health center to know more about health and a healthy lifestyle.