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7 Effective Tips for Coping with Social Anxiety

    15 million adult Americans suffer from a social anxiety disorder. This mental health condition makes normal socialization difficult as the person suffering feels overwhelming discomfort and fear when encountering other people. 

    This can make holidays, work, and even leaving the house seem like painful tasks, which will impact your life in major ways. It may even affect your physical health. Read on to learn seven tips for coping with social anxiety.

    1. See a Therapist

    No surprise that the thought of meeting a new person and sharing your innermost feelings causes the cold sweats. But, yes, fight through those feelings and go talk to a professional.

    Remind yourself that they regularly see people suffering from all types of anxiety. They will not judge you, but anxiety disorder treatment can help you work through it.

    1. Self-Assess

    Pay attention to the way you feel throughout the day. This will help you better understand what bothers, which allows you to handle situations more objectively.

    Identify your emotional triggers. In which situations do you feel most anxious? You may learn the root of your anxiety by learning this, which makes healing possible.

    Also, recognize when you feel most at ease. This will help you learn ways to self soothe in social situations.

    1. Socialize 

    You might feel better shutting out the rest of the world on a surface level. But, you will miss out on some of the deepest joys in life by doing so.

    A little at a time, expose yourself to situations that make you nervous. Start small by saying hi to a stranger in passing. Build it up to more daunting tasks as your nervous system reacts less intensely to situations.

    1. Practice Yoga

    Yoga helps you find balance through breathing, posing, and meditating. It teaches you control over your entire self.

    Start at home with online videos. Eventually, sign up for a small class to apply this control in an uncomfortable setting.

    1. Write 

    Emotions need a means of escape because we often trap them inside the throat, chest, or other parts of the body. Writing them onto paper helps to free you of them.

    Keep a journal where you can safely say anything you think, feel, or need. Whether you write one word, entire thoughts, or creative works, trap your anxiety onto paper.

    1. Refocus Your Attention

    With social anxiety, your focus sits on you and how people may perceive you. Force your focus outward.

    Spot a person whose smile you admire. Notice stylish outfits. Searching for positives in others without comparing them to you will help put your mind at ease.

    1. Use CBD

    CBD and anxiety go hand in hand. Cannabidiol works on cannabinoid receptors in the body causing relaxation and ease. You can take it through a number of means, including creams, capsules, gummies, and tea.

    Don’t Let Social Anxiety Define You

    You might feel anxious, but you are powerful. Social anxiety cannot rule your life if you take charge.

    We want our readers to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Read more healthy tips on our website!