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7 Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

    All that goes in your stomach determines your health and fitness. Diet plays a significant role in making you either healthy and active or unwell and lethargic. People who are dealing with weight issues need to keep an eagle eye on the composition of the food they are taking.

    Dieticians and nutritionists divide foods into two basic categories- those which should be avoided when trying to lose weight and those which are good enough to consume. If you are also dealing with the extra weight and want to get rid of excess fat in your belly, arms, and thighs, it’s high time to cut off specific food items from your meal.

    Check out the list below and know what needs to keep at bay to get the desired shape.

    1. French Fries and Potato Chips– While potatoes are healthy, potato chips are not. No matter how delicious they seem, the added calories they contain are enough to make all your weight loss efforts futile. Deep frying makes French fries and potato chips. Although their baked and roasted versions are also available, they are considered cancer-causing.

    Therefore it is always a good idea to eat plain and boiled potato. It will not only provide you the nutritional benefits of the vegetable but also keep you fill for a longer duration. Visit for more information.

    1. White Bread– Easy to prepare and yummy to eat, white bread is the most feasible option for breakfast. But once you know its harmful effects, you would instantly stop eating it. White bread is highly refined. They contain a lot of added sugar for enhancing the taste. The high glycemic index can contribute to elevating the blood sugar levels.

    Therefore, to keep weight gain issues at bay, you need to replace white bread with other options. It is better to pick almond floor bread; cornbread and oopsie bread rather white bread to satisfy your hunger.

    1. Pastries, Cookies, and Cakes– We all love to munch on cakes and pastries. They are delicious, mouth-watering and highly scrumptious. But the bad news is they consist of many unhealthy ingredients like refined flour and added sugar. They are high in calorie and low in nutrients. There is artificial trans fat in these foods which we all know is linked with many dreadful diseases like heart attack and cancer. Try coconut keto cookies for your health.

    Therefore, if your sweet tooth is troubling you, it is better to opt for a piece of dark chocolate instead of pastry.

    1. Ice Cream- Ice cream is one of the most delicious and at the same time one of the most unhealthy food item. If you are trying hard to lose your weight, keep ice creams away from your sight. Loaded with high sugar and calories, ice cream doesn’t provide any nutritional benefits to the body. Instead, it contributes to adding to the extra layers of fat in your body.

    However, if the craving for ice cream doesn’t reside, you may make one on your own. Use less sugar and healthy ingredients and make healthy freezing cup.

    1. Pizza and Burger– These are the most popular fast food. Almost all love both pizza and burger. From kids to adults everyone is a fan of these scrumptious food items, lesser knowing the harmful effects they cause to the body. The major reason behind them being unhealthy is the use of refined flour and processed meat and vegetables.

    However, you can make a healthy pizza at home. You may use a multigrain floor base and enrich it with fresh vegetables and moderate cheese. You may also make pizza sauce and retain its quality.

    1. Frozen Meals– Frozen meals are packed with different preservatives. Sodium, being a natural preservative is used extensively by the manufacturers of frozen food. Sodium has the property to retain water which bloats you up. So, no matter whether you have eaten a small bowl or a chunk, you won’t feel satisfied. Moreover, they are also filled with tons of calories which are again not good when you are trying to lose weight.

    Although frozen meals seem a feasible option when you have less time to cook, they are very unhealthy and not worth even a penny.

    1. Foods high in added sugars– Added sugar should be a complete NO when you are struggling to lose weight. There are many dreadful diseases which are linked with the intake of added sugars in the food. They are filled with tons of empty calories and are also not very filling. The urge to eat again rises, and you end up becoming fattier than before.

    So, always maintain a distance from the above-listed foods if you want to get the desired shape of your body. They are unhealthy and welcome different health-related issues.

    Choose your food wisely, eat healthily and remain fit.