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7 Organic Herbs That Helps Boost Your Motivation and Concentration

    Modern-day life is fast-paced with hectic schedules and overwhelming work, which often take a toll on your physical and mental health. Losing appetite and poor sleeping patterns are some of the results of many people’s unhealthy lives today. It is increasingly becoming essential to look after our health and nutrition.

    Stressful life and external distractions can influence cognitive function and your ability to concentrate. However, the type of foods you eat can impact the efficiency of the brain. The brain performs better when you consume the best nutrients and antioxidants.

    Many natural herbs support mental clarity and boost cognitive performance. 

    Here are the top 7 organic herbs that you should consider using:

    Maeng Da 

    Maeng Da is a kratom strain that is popular among its users because of its various health benefits. This herbal medicine has similar effects as nootropics drugs. It increases your concentration, enabling you to perform tasks more efficiently. Maeng Da Kratom offers a reliable alkaloid profile, including mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, responsible for its effects. These compounds act on opioid receptors in the brain.

    However, the effects you’ll experience will depend on the amount of dosage you consume. At a lower dose, you’ll experience a significant improvement in mental clarity and an increase in alertness. 


    Sage is an herbal plant that has been used for centuries to boost memory and treat dementia. It is highly rich in potent chemical compounds such as rosmarinic acid, camphor, luteolin, apigenin, and quercetin, which give its medicinal properties. Because of its properties, sage is effective in improving cognitive function. 

    It is also helpful in the production of acetylcholinesterase(AChE). This enzyme breaks down acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that plays a significant role in brain function, including concentration, motivation, and memory. 

    In addition, sage has antioxidant, antispasmodic, astringent, and antimicrobial properties.


    Rosemary is another herb that is well-known for improving alertness. Its aroma helps in increasing cognitive performance. When you inhale rosemary essential oil, the compound in the oil called terpene enters your bloodstream, influencing your brain performance.

    A study found that exposure to Rosemary essential oils diffused in the air results in enhanced performance in cognitive tasks, especially where it requires speed and accuracy.

    Another research indicates that consuming 250 ml of drinking water mixed with rosemary extract leads to increased performance on computerized cognitive tasks. 

    Also, it has the same effect of improving cognitive function when added as an ingredient in a recipe.


    Inhaling the pleasant aroma of peppermint essential oil and water mint may help to improve mood, boost energy, improve performance, and enhance mood. 

    It also helps reduce fatigue and increase alertness. According to the study of 144 people, when exposed to peppermint essential oil aroma, it causes improved memory and increased alertness.


    Ashwagandha is ideal for people with memory disorders and who need brain boosters. It is believed to inhibit the formation of insoluble proteins (beta-amyloid plaques) that clump together between neurons.

    Ayurvedic physicians have used this beautiful herbal plant for centuries to reduce stress, boost energy, and enhance concentration.

    You can reap the benefits of Ashwagandha by ingesting in the form of daily supplements or making Ashwagandha tea to relieve stress.

    Gotu Kola

    Gotu Kola is a popular herbal medicine for mental clarity and relieving oxidative stress. The herb is also helpful in increasing concentration, relieving anxiety, and reducing mental fatigue. That explains why it has been used in traditional medicine systems in promoting brain function.

    A 2-month survey of 28 years adults given doses of between 250 mg and 750 mg of Gotu kola extract daily indicates that those consuming higher amounts experienced increased alertness, mood improvement, and memory enhancement compared to a controlled group.

    Another study of 33 people with anxiety found that supplementing 1000 mg of Gotu kola daily results in improved concentration, reduction of anxiety, and mental fatigue compared with their baseline. 


    Ginseng is a renowned herbal supplement containing various chemical compounds, including ciwujianosides, ginsenosides, and eleutherosides, responsible for the needs performance and energy-boosting properties.

    It is famous for its energy-boosting properties and stimulating your brain, making it a go-to herb for athletes as it improves physical strength and mental health for better performance. The plant also reduces fatigue and enhances mental alertness.

    At 200 mg to 1000 mg dosage, Ginseng increases energy, increases concentration, and improves mood in adults. However, excessive consumption of ginseng can cause mild side effects like insomnia, diarrhea, and increased blood pressure. Have you ever asked yourself does thrive give you diarrhea? Click on my article to learn more.


    The best way to ensure you have energy focus, improved concentration, and motivation is by leading a healthy lifestyle which includes eating nutritious foods, having enough sleep, and exercising regularly. Additionally, herbal supplements like the ones listed above can help boost your motivation and promote brain function. I hope this article has been helpful and insightful and that you now have more knowledge under your belt to support your health journey.