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7 Reasons Why CBD Isn’t Working With You

    Out of plenty of buzz about CBD and its usefulness, one is- why the product isn’t really working among some people. CBD is a non- psychoactive compound found in the Cannabis plant. The multiple health benefits it endows have led people to storm, giving a boost to its popularity. 

    Inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, seizers, etc. are some of the common ailments against which CBD is found to be highly effective. However, there is a disappointment in a certain mass of people, complaining of why CBD is not working for them. 

    If you are in the same boat, don’t fret. There are several reasons with logical explanations for the issues with your CBD. Let us discuss them in detail and know why CBD isn’t working with you.

    1. You Are Taking The Wrong Type Of CBD

    Until you don’t understand the right type of CBD you should consume, there will be problems. Hemp CBD comes in three forms:

    • Full Spectrum CBD- It’s a whole plant extract containing more than 100 other cannabinoids with traces of THC, and naturally occurring terpenes and amino acids. 
    • CBD Isolate– It is purely CBD compound isolated from the hemp plant with no additives.
    • Broad Spectrum CBD– This is the best type of CBD you can use to attain health benefits. In this, THC is completely removed, and the natural properties of CBD are retained. 
    1. You Are Consuming An Incorrect Dose Of CBD

    If you are regularly taking CBD but still there are no effects, the possibility is you are taking an incomplete dosage. However, finding the right dosage may depend upon a few hits and trails as it varies from person to person. A few factors on which the optimum dose depend are-

    • Diet you follow
    • Your rate of metabolism
    • The sleep patterns
    • Your stress levels
    • Genetics 

    Other than these, the dose also depends upon your intention of taking CBD. If you want to get relief from chronic pain, a higher dose is expected. While for minor headaches or bouts of insomnia, a small dose will suffice.

    1. You Are Not Having It With The Right Diet

    Always make sure that you don’t consume CBD on an empty stomach. The harsh stomach acids break down the CBD compound if there is no other substance. It is advised to have CBD along with healthy fats like nuts, fish, etc. Fat acts as a binding agent, protecting the CBD from breaking down. It ensures better bioavailability of CBD so that it acts on the body and show significant results. 

    1. You Are Not Giving CBD Time To Give Visible Results

    CBD takes a considerable amount of time to show results. It is not a quick fix that will give instant results. You have to take the right dosage with the right interval and for a certain period to get the desired outcome. Although in some people it shows immediate effects, most of the time it is slow and steady in processing inside the body. The results of CBD vary from person to person. 

    1. You Are Not Having CBD From A Reputed Brand

    Whenever you take medications, it is imperative to consider only products from a reputed brand. Sometimes, it’s not your mistake, but the product which is insignificant. Un-reputed brands generally sell low-grade CBD products in which the quality of cannabinoids is very poor. Consuming low-grade cannabinoids is one of the biggest reasons for getting null or faulty results. 

    Pure CBD products are generally costly. Therefore, don’t fall for the cheap CBD products offered by many companies. Also, check the ingredients and the 3rd party lab results that genuine companies provide to the customers. 

    1. Your Genetics

    No matter how useful is CBD, there is no evidence proving that it works for all. Our genetics determine how our bodies will react to certain things, and CBD is one of them. The genetic makeup of some people does not allow CBD to show any positive impact on health. While some people are more sensitive to CBD and their body starts showing results instantly, some are not and therefore get zero results.

    1. You Are Having Unrealistic Expectations

    CBD products are often overrated. No matter whether they are taken in the form of oil, pills, tinctures, or edible gummies, they are not a one-shot solution for your problems. There is a misconception that CBD can nullify all the physical and emotional issues. People take them thinking it will work overnight and give them instant relief, only to get disappointed later. 

    CBD does not show any miracle. There are a lot of factors that contribute to its efficacy and effectiveness. Therefore, it is essential to drag this misconception away that CBD will rectify all the health issues at once.