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7 Tips for Reducing Cellulite

    Cellulite is a problem for men and women, and can be difficult to deal with. It’s unsightly – and unwanted – and if you want to look your best, it needs to be dealt with.

    There is no ‘quick fix’ to reducing cellulite, yet there are some things you can do to help.

    One thing you do need to bring to the party is commitment; the following tips should be followed carefully, and you’ll soon see improvement. So, let’s cut to the chase!


    1. A Healthy Diet

    This is, of course, just common sense. Some foods will actually add to the cellulite in the body; cellulite is, after all, fat, so it follows that fatty foods are not the way forward.

    You need to have a good look at your dietary habits.

    Cut down on bread and sweets, stay away from fizzy soft drinks, read up on healthy diets and start eating more fibers. Eat citrus fruit – they are excellent antioxidantsand make sure your diet is vegetable-rich.

    You don’t need to eat food you don’t like for a healthy diet, and it does not need to be bland. Check out diet ideas online, there is plenty of advice there for your inspiration.

    2. Lose Weight

    OK, so  that’s a pretty broad suggestion,  but it makes sense. A good deal of the cellulite in your body will be providing excess weight, so you need to look at a way to get rid of a few pounds.

    The healthy diet will help, of course, and then there’s your exercise routine.

    You don’t have to exercise in an over the top fashion to lose weight; a regular brisk walk will help if you just need to shed a couple of pounds, as will cycling, and swimming is not only enjoyable but superb exercise.

    If you do want to get into a full-on exercise routine, however, you might want to consider the next point!


    3. Workout Routine

    Cellulite will form in your body if you sit around, eat a lot and drink unhealthy drinks.

    But you don’t want to do that, so we are suggesting that if you have persistent problems with cellulite, you get into a workout routine.

    It doesn’t need to be anything too over the top, and you don’t need to sign up to a gym – an expensive and often wasteful decision as many thousands of gym memberships stand unused every year.

    Instead, invest in some simple home gym equipment; you will find it surprisingly affordable.

    These vary from vibration exercise machines that you can use in just about any available space and are known to help reduce cellulite, to full size exercise bikes and treadmills which ideally need a dedicated room but means you can workout without leaving the home and at your own pace.

    It will help your mental health, too.


    4. Green Tea

    You probably think Green Tea another fad, but in fact it has proven properties health-wise, and is also great for tackling weight and cellulite problems.

    It is packed with antioxidants, has been shown to increase your calorie burn rate, and if you drink three cups a day, you will be helping to keep your body in good health

    Of course, we’re not suggesting drinking green tea alone; all of these tips should be taken together and used in unison.

    5. Take in Healthy Fats

    Yes, there are such things as healthy fats! The fat you gain from fast food, for instance, and unhealthy meals is saturated fat.

    This causes cellulite build up.

    The fat you get from the likes of oily fish and nuts – these are Omega-3 fats – are actually good for you, and should be taken as part of your healthy diet.

    These fats will replace the saturated fat, and – vitally – aid your blood circulation, which is essential to losing weight and combating cellulite.


    6. Reduce Toxin Levels

    Here, we are talking about the toxins you may take in on an average day. If you smoke, it will not help your toxin levels at all, so we strongly recommend you cut down or quit.

    Too much alcohol will also add to the cellulite levels, so needs to be moderated. Coffee also provides toxins, so you need to reduce your intake, and processed foods should not be part of your diet.

    7. Drink Plenty Water

    One thing that pretty much nobody does – but should – is to drink enough water during the average day. There are differing opinions on how much you should drink per day, but the general suggestion is 8 x 8oz glasses of water per day, which should adequately prevent dehydration.

    Those are the tips we have put together to help you tackle your cellulite problem and, if you read further, you probably find plenty more.

    Start your healthy diet today, work out your exercise routine, and you’ll soon find you are losing cellulite and looking better every day.