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7 Tips to Get Your New-born to Sleep

    Getting your new-born to sleep for a longer period is no doubt hard to process and, it’s not a perfect process. It’s all about trying different things unless you find one that works well for the baby. 

    Keep in mind that every baby is different, their routines and way of developing are different. You must keep in mind that it is not important that if some tricks work on your friend’s baby, it should work on your baby as well. 

    I have heard many moms talking about the magic of these tricks and how they work like a charm. I would like to share some of the tricks with you, to make your life much easier. Here is the most important part that when your newly born sleeps better, you will notice a more tolerant, patient, engaging baby after a quality nap. 


    • Know your baby


    Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to getting knowledge about your baby’s best sleep. I recommend you take notes of everything your baby does, from sleeping to diet along with his/her mood, know the trends that surround everything.  Act as the detective and look out for sleeping clues everyone. The more you get to know your baby’s sleeping mode patterns the more it will help you out in making your baby sleep for longer, till then good luck! 


    • Swaddle sleeping bag 


    Swaddle sleeping bags work like magic. It is a common fact that from birth to age about 4 to 5 months, baby intrinsically possess an alarming reflex. They feel as if they are falling. The chills of feeling fallen off cause the movements of jerking and the baby incidentally wakes up. You must have swaddle bags before your baby arrives, not every clothing brand has a swaddle sleeping bag, I bought mine from Lavendersun after visiting many baby clothe shops. 

    When you keep a tight swaddle around your baby, it prevents babies from staggering awake themselves, it helps the baby to sleep much longer and better. 



    • The Great Outdoors



    Studies have shown that babies who are more exposed to fresh air and light are more likely to sleep for a longer time during the night. When you let your baby get exposed to the outside world, it really does the wonders with your baby’s healthy sleeping routine. No doubt, fresh air is great for your health, it keeps you healthy and alive and it also does magic with kids. There is another theory that explains that when a baby is more exposed to sunlight, it will help your baby to develop a biological sleeping clock, it will encourage the release of natural melatonin, which is known as a sleeping aid. Make walking and sitting in the garden with your baby on pram a permanent habit. 



    • Limit the length of naps during the day.


    There is no doubt that to make a baby stay wake up is hard, but when a baby sleeps longer in daytime it can rob their nighttime sleep. When you break up the said sleep of your newborn, it will help them to sleep longer at night. It will also enable the routine of more feeding time during the day.


    • Follow the eat, wake, sleep cycle.


    Babies follow a complete cycle as they wake up from sleep and then eat immediately. The baby plays a little. Then again goes back to sleep. 

    It is a healthy cycle, encourages full feedings, and allows the baby to immediately eat after waking up. This cycle will fill up more energy in the baby. When your baby gets used to feeding after sleep, this will prevent your baby to associate sleep with food. So, a typically feeding time must be before bedtime 


    • Make sleep a team sport 


    Structuring a perfect routine for the baby is necessary for their health and mind. A routine is an excellent tool that helps the newly born to get settled before their sleep at night.  A pre-nap routine might include, to take your baby into his/her room, put him/her into plain baby clothes or sleeping gown which would be comfortable for his nighttime sleep, close the curtains, place the baby in his/her blanket, sing a song, turn on the white noise, say sleepy words to him and treat him with few cuddles.  


    • Change your baby’s diaper strategically 


    When you change the diaper of your baby before the middle of a night feeding, it prevents your baby from unexpected waking ups. 

    But I have heard many mothers’ stories about how their newly born poops right after feeding. This might be because their digestive tract is still working on its flow. So, it will be more common for them to poop after being fed. In this situation, you have no other option but to change the diaper after they poop. 

    So before and after changing will not make any sense. It would be suggested to wait for your little ones pooping habits to get settled before you can go back to changing their diapers right before you feed them.