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7 Top Kitchenware Items Needed by Every Home Cook

    With obesity on the rise due to indulgence in unhealthy fast foods, home cooking is highly encouraged. However, most people equate eating at home to enduring a boring and tasteless meal. On the contrary, home-cooked food can be as delicious as those addictive servings from your favorite fast food joint. All you need are the right kitchenware items to make a scrumptious meal.

    That said, here are the must-have kitchen tools for every home cook:

    1. A Non-stick frying Pan

    To make a delicious breakfast, every household needs a non-stick frying pan. This is because eggs and pancakes are best cooked on a non-stick surface. Additionally, this versatile kitchenware is a multi-purpose pan that may be used to cook meats, sauté veggies, and make sauces.

    Luckily, cleaning a non-stick pan is easy and needs little effort. However, be careful not to scratch the surface with rough cleaning materials. Instead, use a soft cleaning cloth and soapy water to get rid of any dirt.

    2. A Sauce Pan

    Needless to say, every home cook needs a high-quality saucepan in the kitchen. This kitchen utensil is used to cook foods with liquids such as boiling pasta. Besides this, it is ideal for cooking vegetables and simmering various sauces or legumes.

    Normally, the size of the saucepan you’ll need for your kitchen depends on the size of your family. A home with many people may need a bigger saucepan since more food is cooked. On the other hand, families of two to three people will do with just a small or medium-sized pan.

    3. A Dutch Oven

    The Dutch oven is one of the most worthy kitchen investments for any home cook. This is because it can be used to cook just about anything. From big batches of soup to braised kitchen legs, this kitchenware will have your kitchen filled with all kinds of delicacies. Moreover, this oven can be used to make no-knead bread making it perfect for home cooks who love to bake.

    When it comes to finding the perfect Dutch oven for your kitchen, always focus on the quality of the kitchenware. This is because the market is flooded with many fake Dutch ovens which do not stand the test of time. That said, do not fall into the trap of cheaply priced ovens whose quality has been compromised. A question you might ask yourself is can you use a built in microwave on countertop? Click on the link to learn more.

    4. Roasting Pan

    If you’re a family member who always hosts Thanksgiving or likes a mouth-watering roast, a good roasting pan is a necessity. With this pan, you can always impress your guests on Christmas with delicious roasted meats from your kitchen. Imagine the aroma of carefully roasted chicken anytime you want it. Amazing, right?

    5. Knives

    If you’re going to cook like a pro, you’ll need a good knife. However, if you’re on a tight budget, get a chef’s knife first as you save for others. This is because you’ll be using this knife for 90% of your meal prep. That said, invest in a good one and take care of it.

    Apart from a chef knife, it is advisable to have a serrated and a paring knife as well. This is because different knives are used for different purposes. For example, serrated knives are ideal for slicing tomatoes and bread, while paring knives are ideal for smaller, more delicate tasks.

    6.  Measuring Cups and Spoons

    Measuring cups are essential for bakers, but they’re also useful in regular cookery. For measuring dried ingredients and little amounts of liquid, you will need to keep a four-piece set on hand. Remember, a 1-quart glass measuring cup makes measuring liquids easier and faster. Additionally, you can make stews and jarred sauces right inside it before pouring it into whatever you’re preparing.

    7. Cutting Board

    A big part of home cooking is prepping, which entails chopping and cutting ingredients. For this reason, a cutting board is a must-have in any modern cook’s kitchen. Not only do they make cutting easy, but they also protect your fingers from getting cut or injured.

    Wind Up

    Any passionate home cook knows the importance of having the right kitchenware at their disposal. This is because when it comes to making delicacies, the kitchenware is as important as the recipe ingredients. That said, it is important to invest in the right kitchen tools, to keep the home cooking spirit burning!