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7 Warning Signs That You Should NOT Choose a Family Dentist

    As if going to a dentist wasn’t daunting enough, getting a below average service can leave you wondering about your choices. Although choosing a family dentist can save you a trip or two, you still need to make sure you get the results that can be felt and seen.

    Before committing to a dentist because of a friend’s referral or a fancy ad, you should look at all the options you have in the area. To help you find the right family dentist, we asked Dr. Gregory, a family dentist in Kingwood TX to share the seven warning signs you need to look out for before heading in for your first checkup.

    1. The Dentist is Not Certified

    Believing what others tell you can land you in the hands of a dentist with no certification. If you find yourself in a situation where the dentist you are interviewing fails to provide their board certification and list of professional qualifications, then you need to skip out on them. It is essential that you make sure your family dentist is licensed to practice in your state. Visit the dental board website for your State and look them up.

    2. Google Reviews Tell Another Story

    Although word of mouth referrals are useful, it is essential to do a little digging of your own. Google reviews are known to be an excellent source to begin your search—since most of them are spontaneous and embody spontaneous experiences. Not every dentist is perfect, but if you find more bad reviews than the good ones, you need to move to another dentist right away.

    3. No Pediatric Dentist on the Staff

    The primary purpose of choosing a family dentist is that you get to keep your entire family’s oral health in check. While adults know what problems they are facing and can communicate them well with the dentist, children don’t fare as well if there is no specialist onboard. If for some reason there is no pediatric dentist on the staff of your family dentist’s office, you will end up compromising on your children’s oral health. Therefore, you must make sure your family dentist can cater to the needs of all your family members.

    4. The Office Won’t Accept Your Insurance

    Getting your insurance rejected is where things start getting annoying. Dental bills can be hefty, and you need your dental insurance to back them up. Before you select your family dentist, make sure they agree to accept your insurance. Otherwise, you will be left with more than just a sore set of chompers. You should also check with your insurance provider’s network before selecting a dentist.

    5. Not Having a Wide Service Range

    Your family dentist doesn’t have to be a jack of all trades. But all the must-haves dental services need to available for you. While interviewing your dentist, ask them about what they specialize in and what other services they offer. It is good to have multiple in-house dentists available to cover a wide range of services. The usual services that are required by most families are restorations, cosmetics, orthodontics, and implants. Having certifications or training for each service also matters a great deal.

    6. Inconvenient Location

    What is the point of selecting a dentist who operates far away from where you live? Or worse off if the dentist you get onboard with working in a location that is difficult for you to reach during rush hours. These situations are not an issue on the part of the dentist, but since getting by is difficult, there are chances that you will end up skipping appointments. Therefore, choose a dentist that is based around your neighborhood and is easily accessible.

    7. No Emergency Services

    While overall emergencies are scary, dental emergencies, in particular, are painful. Knowing that your dentist offers after-hour services can be a sigh of relief. On the other hand, if someone needs medical attention and the family dentist is not on the radar, things can get daunting. Therefore, before you select your family dentist, make sure they provide both emergency and after-hour services.

    The Bottom Line:

    If you find that the dental office, you’re considering has the above-listed deficiencies, continue your search. Only commit to scheduling an exam for your dental needs once you’re 100% confident that you’re choosing the best family dentist.