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7 Ways to Deal With Muscle Soreness

    It is common to experience muscle aches after an intensive workout. A common misconception is that you experience muscle soreness as a result of doing a quality workout or that your body is making positive changes. However, the truth is that you went too far with your workouts or you were trying out new exercises. To avoid having to push yourself so hard, you can make use of Anadrol 50 by Valkyrie, a very effective performance-enhancing steroid. You will achieve results without having to pay the dear price of painful muscles. Steroids also help with muscle repair and development.

    There are some post-workout steps that you can take to escape without muscle aches despite going hard. Here are some ways to avert post-workout muscle pain.


    Doing some good stretching exercises is essential following a serious workout. After exercising the muscle contracts. This shortens the muscle fibers. Stretching them after a workout enhances mobility and leads to a better recovery. Stretching makes oxygen to circulate properly, speeding up the recovery.

    Maintain the movements

    Despite feeling you just need to lie on the couch taking a cold drink after exercises, maintain the movements for a little longer. Go for leisurely and gentle movements. Facilitate the rush of blood into those painful muscles by taking a light walk in the surrounding. You can also do so by lifting your hands high above your head while taking deep breaths.


    Drink plenty of water as it a necessity for proper muscle functions and repairs. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol should be avoided as they cause dehydration.

    Massage the sore spots

    You can massage yourself or have somebody do it after the workout or between exercises to ease muscle pains and increase mobility. You can go an extra step and use a foam roller to reduce the delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS).

    Have a warm bath

    A stiff muscle relaxes after a warm bath, which also has many other benefits. You will enjoy a good sleep after a bath, and be so refreshed on waking up. For the more courageous, go for a hot/cold treatment, where water temperatures are alternated after every few minutes. This would open up blood vessels even further.

    Take proper diet for speedy recovery

    You must ensure you eat sufficient healthy food to get the needed carbs, protein, and fats that are essential to repair and sustain muscles, and promote healing of sore muscles. You should also ensure you take protein supplements at strategic times to facilitate muscle repair. The best times are after a workout and before retiring to bed. Muscle repairs take place best when the body is at rest.

    Get heated

    Heat, especially a focused sources such as that of Jacuzzi, enhances blood flow. This makes it a good recuperation strategy between workouts. It must be used between workouts, not at the end of the workout. After workouts the heat can worsen the already damaged muscles, causing more soreness instead of relieving them.