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7 Ways To Improve Your Health For Free

    Improving your health and wellness doesn’t have to be costly. Not everything that improves our health and wellbeing needs to be about how much money you have. Some of the most important things you can do to increase your wellbeing is absolutely Free.

    There are simple things we can all do to support our health and wellbeing on a daily basis, even if your unemployed, a student on a budget or a single mom with a few kids. With these small changes you will have more energy, more flexibility, clearer skin and more flexibility.

    Get Walking – Walk to work, walk to the kid’s school, walk to the shops it not only helps burn those extra pounds, but it will help boost those happy hormones. Walking can help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, it increases heart and lung fitness. Walking can support balance, develop more muscle strength and stamina. It can lower body fat, help lower cholesterol and support the management of diabetes.

    Cut The Sugar – Reduce and eliminate processed sugar from your diet when you can. Refined sugar not only causes tooth cavities and increases risk of diabetes. This type of sugar is reputed to feed certain types of cancer and bacteria. The problem with most sugar consumption.Is it is hiding in so many of packaged and processed foods we wouldn’t dream of. I have seen added sugar in frozen fruit pouches for smoothies. Added sugar is in many supposed healthy breads, healthy cereals, savoury foods and sauces.So, make sure you check the supermarket label. Don’t worry if you have a sweet tooth, there are so many natural sugar alternatives out there that are both healthy and tasty.

    Meditate – Meditation is a great way to take a rest from your mental stressors. Meditation is a powerful way to take you into a moment to moment state of being. It helps us move away from a more doing and fearful state of living, to a more natural and balanced way of being. Meditation is the simplest way to get out of your monkey mind. Make sure you learn to meditate with someone who has highly experienced at teaching meditation. There is some fabulousFree Meditation Coursesout there suitable for most ages.

    Unplug From EMF And Radiation – EMF Exposure, radiation exposure is all around us with modern technology. Do what you can to reduce your exposure, unplug from your phone, your wi-fi and other electrical devices when you can. Chronic and high exposure to EMFs can cause oxidative stress to the cells of the body, affect your body’s nervous system.

    Boost Your Vitamin D – Many people today are low in vitamin D especially those of us who live in lower climates, with less sun or daylight. And those of us who spend too much time in doors, at work or are housebound.  10- 30 Minutes of mid-day sun can seriously help boost your Vitamin D levels. For those who are mostly housebound sitting at an open door facing the sun can be helpful. But sadly, sitting at most windows doesn’t as it filters out the sun.

    Get Stretching– With so many of us are living a more sedentary lifestyle. Where we spend hours at a desk or computer, mobile phone or behind a wheel. From a young age, we are developing poor posture, alignment issues. We have symptoms of muscle tension, back pain, repetitive strain injuries all because we are slaves to technology and a modern way of life. Stretching every hour at your desk in your car at work. Will not only reduce muscle tension and pain, it will improve circulation take the pressure of certain joints. Help improve your energy levels and mood.

    STOP Rushing – Rushing is a major symptom of anxiety and stress. Rushing reinforces states of anxiety, ruminative thinking, the fight or flight response. Rushing is also a major cause of accidents at work, home and on the road. Learn to manage and prioritise your time more effectively. Learn how to be more in the moment recognise that rushing normally doesn’t save us time but increases our risk of poor performance and bad decision making.

    If you want to start living a healthier life and more natural way of being. The World of Health is a fantastic source of free health and wellness tips from holistic health experts around the world. Wellbeing experts and even medical professionals who believe in a more holistic approach to wellness. Your health and wellbeing is what is important to us. We are dedicated holistic health coaches, therapists, and fitness experts, who want to help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle.