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7 Weight Loss Mistakes That You Make Before Going To Bed

    weight loss mistakes before going to bed

    weight loss mistakes before going to bedWhile the muscle bound fitness trainers and experts reveal that weight loss can be achieved through gym, the dieticians suggest the opposite; the kitchen! While both the experts are correct in their own context, the truth truly lies in your lifestyle and how you tackle the daily routine.

    Did you know a healthy bedroom routine can also help in losing weight effectively? Most people don’t consider this aspect at all. Research suggests that bedroom is one place we are most comfortable in and due to the utmost level of comfort, we end up indulging in habits which are not so beneficial for our weight.

    Take a look below to find out about 7 essential factors we overlook before hitting the bed which actually contribute to weight gain like none other.

    Using Electronic Devices

    Weight loss mistakes before going to bed

    Technology has taken over our lives for the good but sometimes it can become a problem when our health is in question. Using electronic devices such as smart phones, TV, home theatre system and other bright screened devices can actually be the cause of insomnia. Since bright screens decrease the release of melatonin (a sleep hormone) in our body, we tend to wake up for longer hours to kill time.

    What does it have to do with our weight? Well, as complicated as it sounds, since our body needs to rest at night, by depriving of it of sleep, we not only play with the natural course of slumber but also deprive our body of natural healing, natural digestion, etc. Hence, leading to weight gain.

    Not Having Green Tea

    Weight loss mistakes before going to bed

    Green tea is a natural antioxidant which is perfect for removing toxins and free radicals from our bodies. Sipping on green tea at least 1 hour before bed can help keep the metabolic rate boosted, resulting in a trimmer you the morning night-after. Moreover, green tea is perfect post dinner as it can help with a swifter digestion and it can also help burn calories quicker.

    Having a Late Dinner

    Weight loss mistakes before going to bed

    We all need to allow our body to digest food for about 2 hours before we hit the bed. Hitting the bed right after dinner can cause serious health problems in the long run. Since all food groups digest in their own time, meaty foods such as steaks, BBQ chicken and burger patties take up to 1.5 hours to digest. Therefore, having a late dinner is never a great idea if you want to shed weight.

    Midnight Snacking

    Weight loss mistakes before going to bed

    Similar to late dinners, midnight snacking is a health hazard. Late night food binging while watching movies is bad for your weight since your body demands rest instead. Also, since you won’t allow your body to digest food properly before hitting the bed, midnight snacking can be worse than having a late dinner.

    Not Working out

    Weight loss mistakes before going to bed

    Exercising of some sort throughout the day is imperative if you want to lose weight. Exercising at least 3 hours before sleeping is a perfect way of staying fit. While some choose to go for a jog early morning to stay fresh, the ones who exercise pre slumber sleep in a better way.
    Whatever time you choose, be sure to exercise for at least 45 minutes in a day.

    Being Stressed

    Weight loss mistakes before going to bed

    Being too worked up or stressed throughout the day can be bad for your sleep. Not only will you have nightmares all night long but a body that sleeps with stress, wakes up with stress too. Let your mind and body relax for half an hour before sleeping by simply lying down in the bed and take pleasure in it.

    Bright Lights and Noises

    Weight loss mistakes before going to bed

    Bright lights and noises can be a major sleep problem. If you want to lose weight, you need to sleep well and in order to sleep well, you need to dim the lighting. Ditch the bright lamps and settle for dim yellow lights to create a relaxing ambience. This trick will help you lighten up the mood while aiding in mental relaxation.
    As for sounds, either play slow and sweet music in the background or opt for silence.

    Try to avoid these 7 common mistakes before sleeping and lose weight naturally.

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