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8 Amazing Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

    Stained or discolored teeth can make you cautious of smiling. They can negatively affect your self-confidence and, in turn, harm your social interactions. If you suffer from this problem, consult with your dentist and book for an East Village teeth whitening treatment.

    Why Professional Teeth Whitening?

    In a bid to brighten their smiles, may people try whitening strips or whitening toothpaste, often, with less than impressive results. This is because there is no substitute for professional teeth whitening. 

    When compared to drugstore options, professional whitening is safer, faster, and produces better results.

    Below are 8 top reasons you should get a professional whitening treatment:

    Safe Treatment

    After trying over-the-counter whitening products, you may have noticed that your teeth became sensitive to certain drinks and foods. Over time, drugstore options tend to damage your gums.

    A professional whitening treatment, which is monitored by an experienced specialist, is a safe process. The products used on your teeth during the procedure are professional-grade and harmless.

    Further, your dentist will follow up on your progress post-treatment and offer tips to help curb sensitivity.

    1.     Guaranteed Results

    Over-the-counter teeth whitening products may require repeat applications and may only work on light stains. Some patients also complain that drugstore whiteners produce partial whitening and uneven results.

    Professional teeth whitening of your teeth is both fast and reliable. The results are guaranteed, even, and long-lasting. The process is also highly effective for moderate to severe discoloration or stains.

    1.     Faster Procedure

    Pharmacy kits may help you attain whiter teeth, but only after weeks, or even months of use. Others may not produce the results you desire. In contrast, professional whitening is fast and does not require repeat sessions.

    An in-office treatment may last about an hour, after which, you will have reliable results.

    1.     Expert Approach

    There is no one-size-fits-all approach to teeth whitening. A specialist understands that your teeth discoloration may stem from extrinsic stains, intrinsic stains, or a combination of both.

    As a result, before recommending a treatment, your dentist will first determine the cause of the problem and then apply the best approach to address the real issue.

    1.     Personalized Treatment

    In-office professional whitening treatments are personalized to achieve the best results. Your dentist takes an impression of your teeth and creates a customized tray, which is applied uniformly. Because the custom-fit trays are placed over your teeth, they protect your gums and lips from the gel.

    Additionally, your doctor can customize the level and shade of whitening for your teeth.

    1.     Improved Oral Health

    It is highly likely that while whitening your teeth, your dentist will also address other oral problems you may have. Along with a brighter smile, you will come out of your dentist’s office with healthier and stronger gums and teeth.

    1.     Better Self Esteem

    Your smile draws people to you. If you’re conscious about it, you are likely to grow shy and try to hide it. A whiter and brighter smile gives you the confidence to talk and smile with friends, co-workers, and new acquaintances.

    1.     Affordable

    Most cosmetic dentistry procedures are expensive, especially for the average citizen. Teeth whitening, however, is available at amazingly low costs.


    The Takeaway

    A healthy smile has positive effects on your oral and mental health. It can make you look and feel more attractive and approachable. With so many unreliable teeth whitening options available out there, your best bet is with the safer and most efficient professional approach.