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8 Key Tips to Help a Busy Workaholic Stay Fit

    Staying fit is a great choice to make. However, for busy workaholics it can be tough to maintain. Regular exercise has been proven to improve our respiratory system, metabolism, circulatory system, give us better muscle and bone health, and finally improve brain function.


    You’ll feel less tired, and who doesn’t want that when they have a busy life? If you want to have better sleep, an improved mood, increased bone density, and strength, then you’ve come to the right place.


    We’re providing 8 tips that will help even the busiest of bees stay fit. Just make sure that you have your proper workout clothes with you. Otherwise, you could cause yourself injuries, pull a muscle, or experience other difficulties. You might want to check out for the clothes that match your regime.


    Let’s get straight to these key tips, shall we?

    1. Time Management Skills

    The first step for staying fit for a busy workaholic is to have great time management skills.  


    Finding some free time throughout your busy day to exercise at least a little is enough for a busy bee like yourself. Waiting for some papers to copy? Get some jumping jacks in to kill the time while you wait.


    You can fit in some exercise when you’re waiting for your dinner to cook or in between TV commercials. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small amount of time that you’re exercising for, the key thing is that you’re moving and being productive.


    If you can navigate through a complicated workload, you can find time to fit in some easy exercises. Like Stanley from The Office, who starts using office paper for heavy lifting and takes the stairs to get some exercise in during his work time.


    Learn how to evaluate the use of time, identify goals and set priorities, develop an overall time management plan and much more at Training Connection. Sign up here for a live face-to-face time management training!

    2. No Excuses

    If you want to stay fit you have to be committed. Don’t make excuses and don’t complain about how busy you are that you can’t fit in a workout routine.


    Staying fit isn’t just about looking great. Long hours sitting down with minimum body movement isn’t really good for your health. Staying fit means that you are looking after yourself and taking care of yourself enough to have an active, healthy lifestyle.


    Taking the first step is always hard, but once you do, you will treat it as a priority. Never think of exercising as an option that you can skip and start again after a few days. Stay consistent with your routine and you’ll see yourself feeling more active.

    3. A Diet Plan

    Let’s face it, living on processed foods isn’t a healthy choice no matter how quick and easy they are to make. Instead, start prepping your meals beforehand to save time, add more fruits into your diet, and forget about junk food.


    Eat food that will keep you full for longer time and give you more energy. Let’s not forget that we lose a lot of minerals when we exercise.


    Minerals like zinc, potassium, and sodium are lost through sweat. Add a healthy snack after your workout, like a banana. It will help to replace the minerals that you lost, and will also keep your body at its optimum level.


    The most important thing you should never do is skip meals. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, skipping meals will make you feel tired faster, and it will also negatively affect your concentration. It could also lead to diabetes and other health conditions.


    4. Drink Lots of Water!

    Now let’s talk about the importance of keeping your body hydrated. Our bodies are already made of 70% water, and they need plenty more to function properly.


    Drinking plenty of water has a lot of benefits as well. For example, it keeps your skin clear of unwanted acne and helps to reduce hair fall out as well. You can also include milk, juices, and smoothies to your fluid intake.


    The type of drinks that you should try to avoid are soft drinks, coffee (yes, it’s a must), and alcohol. These drinks are mostly full of empty calories and harm the body as well.


    Start drinking more water if you don’t do so already. You can add flavor to it by infusing it with some mint, lemon, or lime.

    5. Catch Up on that Beauty Sleep

    We cannot stress how important it is to get the proper amount of sleep. A busy life with long working hours can get super tiring fast if you’re not resting properly.


    Workaholics can suffer from sleep deprivation, too. This can affect your brain function, decrease concentration and social interaction, hinder your problem-solving skills, and affect your mood and memory.


    Getting some extra snooze in has never harmed anybody. In fact, sleeping extra hours can lead to you having better productivity, being more alert, and improve your reflexes and your performance as well.


    Getting those few extra hours of sleep can lead to more alertness, better productivity, performance, and reaction times. So, make sure that you’re catching up on your beauty sleep!


    6. A Workout that You Can Do Anywhere

    For those who have a busy work life, chances are that they are not hitting the gym, going for a swim, or going to workout classes every day to stay in shape.


    Finding the time to get some exercise done can be super tricky when you have a demanding work schedule. In these types of situations what you can do is get some exercise done at home.


    It doesn’t have to be a serious, full workout routine. A 10-minute workout is perfectly fine to start off with. You’ll find many videos online that can help you get started from the basics.


    First, do some research about what you think the problem areas are and look for a routine that will help you.  


    7. Find a Friend to Workout With

    Sometimes working out alone can get a bit monotonous. This is where you force your friend to work out with you so that you don’t feel alone (just kidding!).


    Having a workout buddy is great. You can keep each other motivated to follow through with your exercises every day. It will save you time and help you destress after a long, hard day’s work with your buddy.


    You’ll feel much calmer, plus you get to bond with someone and maybe have a lifelong friend in the making. Remember to motivate each other, push each other every day to get your workout done, eat healthy, and you’ll be thankful that you dragged them to do this with you!

    8. Visual Reminders and Having Fun

    Being able to see the things that are associated with working out can be a crucial motivational move as well. For example, seeing your yoga mat, your workout leggings, weights, or your trainers can push you into thinking about getting some exercise done.


    Visual cues are extremely helpful when you want to set up a routine and want to stay fit. Interacting with your workout gear can boost your eagerness, too.


    Last, but not least – have fun. Working out doesn’t have to be dull and forceful. You can spice it up as you go. Play some music to get you really moving, join a class and interact with new people, and most importantly, think of it as your own special time.


    That’s all you need to help keep yourself motivated to stay fit.

    In Conclusion

    In conclusion, we’d like to say that taking the first step to working out can always be difficult. But once you start and begin to see the results yourself, you’ll know that it was worth it. 


    Finding some time for yourself to destress can be a huge blessing for busy workaholics. Follow our tips to see the results for yourself!