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8 Signs You’re Using Too Many (or the Wrong) Skin Care Products

    Men and women want their skin to look its best at all times. However, the use of skin care products can actually lead to problems appearing that weren’t previously present. How can a person know when they are using too many skincare products or when the wrong ones are being used? The following are some signs the PRP skincare Sydney professionals advise to look for to determine if this is the case and how best to treat the issue.

    Tight Skin

    Skin that feels tight or you need help with dry nose is a sign that it may be time to switch skincare products. The best place to start is with the cleansers being used on the face. Any time the skin feels tight after it has been cleaned, it’s likely the product isn’t pH-balanced. Using the wrong product when it comes to pH-balance can result in tight skin. Furthermore, the right pH balance is required for collagen reproduction and cell renewal. What many individuals don’t realize is the pH-balance of the skin changes as a person ages. For this reason, skin care products must be reevaluated regularly to ensure they are providing the desired results.

    Oily Skin

    In contrast, oily skin can also be a sign the wrong skincare products are being placed on the skin. Often, this indicates too many products are being used on the skin at the same time. Cleanse the face every day and only use one moisturizing product. If this resolves the issue, a second product can be added to see how the skin reacts. Keep adding products back into the regimen until the problem appears again. By using this systematic approach, you can determine which products are causing issues and which should continue to be used on a regular basis.

    Contact Dermatitis

    When small blisters appear on the skin, it’s likely you are suffering from contact dermatitis. This skin condition is the result of exposure to irritants or allergens, such as skin care products, harsh soaps, or chemical solvents. The problem may only show up in certain areas although the product was used on the entire face or body. Furthermore, a person might find the blisters appear after consuming certain food or drink or when taking medications or supplements. Sunscreen is a good example of a product that can bring about contact dermatitis.

    Pigmentation Changes

    Dark spots on the skin may be a sign the skin care products currently being used are causing problems. While many of these products are designed to prevent or treat issues such as these, they can actually do the opposite and make the problem worse. Try a different product for a few weeks to see if the problem improves. If it does, the culprit has been identified. If your pigmentation doesn’t disappear, you can try using microdermabrasion to reduce your dark spots. Discover the benefits of microdermabrasion from Derma E here.

    Sensitivity to the Sun

    When a person notices they are burning more easily when outdoors, the first thought that comes to mind is more sunscreen needs to be used. However, it might not be the amount of sunscreen that is the issue but the type being used. Before slathering an entire bottle of sunscreen on the face and body, consider switching products to see if the problem continues. If it doesn’t, the new product is the better choice. However, it might be that multiple products need to be tried before one that does the job is discovered. This problem should also be mentioned to a physician, as it could be a certain medication that is contributing to the issue. Always let your doctor know if you are experiencing changes in the skin because it could be something more than simply the products being used.

    Acne Breakouts

    Acne breakouts can affect individuals of any age, although most people associate these outbreaks with teenagers. If you suddenly notice that your skin is breaking out more often, it might be the skin care products that are being used. Women who are premenopausal often find they suffer from these types of outbreaks and it is likely due to the use of chemical peels and creams with an alpha hydroxy acid-base. Hormone levels are fluctuating in the body leading to swelling and inflammation. These skincare products are designed to boost the rate at which cells turn over and the combination of the two aggravates the skin. Avoid these products for a period of time to see if the breakouts stop. If they do, a new skincare regimen is needed.

    Increased Sensitivity

    Some people find they are more sensitive to things that come into contact with their skin after using a particular skincare product. For this reason, any time a new product is tried, men and women need to pay attention to how the skin feels and reacts to products that have been used in the past. For instance, when a person tries a new cleanser and follows up with a moisturizer that has been used for weeks or months, don’t assume the moisturizer is the problem if the skin feels sensitive after it has been applied. Consider all products being used to see if a new one has been added that could be the issue. People often focus on a particular product when their skin becomes more sensitive, but the entire regimen needs to be examined to determine if it is a combination of products that are bringing about this sensitivity.

    Irritated Skin

    A person who makes use of microdermabrasion or physical scrubs might find he or she has burns on the skin. Burns may also appear when a man or woman uses chemical peels that contain lactic, malic, glycolic, and/or salicylic acids. However, they aren’t the only products that can irritate the skin. Retinoids are often the underlying cause of irritation or inflammation. People need to remember to only exfoliate the skin once a week. Doing so more frequently can lead to irritation. In addition, those who chose to retinoids should begin using the products only twice a week and build up over time until they are being used daily to prevent inflammation, irritation, and burns.

    Anyone can have gorgeous skin. It’s simply a matter of finding the right products for the individual. If you struggle to do so, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Furthermore, remember that the skin changes over time. Simply because a regimen was effective last year doesn’t mean it will be appropriate this year and into the future. Be willing to try new skincare products, as they may be what you need to have a radiant appearance at all times.