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8 Ways To Combat New Mom’s Sleep Troubles

    It is very important for every new mother to have a sound sleep for at least 3 to 4 months after her baby was born. It is essential that the new mother sleeps at least 7 to 8 hours per day during this period of time. But it is mostly seen that new moms develop some sort of sleeping disorder during this period. This sleeping disorder can harm the new moms as well as the new born baby in many ways. So, it is very important to combat the sleeping disorder of new moms. Let’s check out how the sleeping disorder can be dealt with:

    • Having good mattress: Though it goes without saying that no bed in the world can bring good sleep for you. But you cannot ignore the fact that a good and comfortable mattress can certainly help you to have a sound and quality sleep. So, during this period when the moms are likely to have a sleeping disorder, you should try to provide a comfortable mattress to her so that it can help her to sleep well.
    • Prevent heavy eating: It is also very essential to prevent eating heavy food so that before going to bed. It is very important to keep yourself light as much as possible and does not take stress during the night. It is advisable to take a glass of pure warm milk and avoid caffeine before going to bed. It will certainly help to prevent insomnia.  

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    • Keep the environment dark: It is a natural tendency of every human being to have slept in a dark environment. We generally have a good sleep in dark than in bright and light can interfere when you fall asleep. We generally get disturbed in the blue light that may appear out from any electronic device. So, always makes sure that whenever the new mom goes to bed, all the electronic devices including a computer, smartphones, television, etc. should be turned off.
    • Avoid heavy exercise before going to bed: All the new mom should avoid the practice of doing exercise before going to bed. Yes, it is true that regular exercise is very beneficial for our health but heavy exercise before going to sleep is never encouraged. However, light exercise or simple yoga before going to bed is not harmful rather it can help you to sleep better.
    • Maintaining sleeping rituals: Many moms have a habit of doing some kind of practice before going to bed such as some moms use to read books, or some take bath. If the new mons has any such habits they should maintain it even after the birth of their baby as this can indicate the body that it is the time to sleep.
    • Avoid napping during day time: Sleeping during day time is not good as it can interfere with sleep at night. So, a new mom should not sleep during day time especially after 2 or 3 pm. However, she can nap for a short period of time may be for 20-30 minutes during day times for getting a refresh.
    • Avoid stimulants: Any kinds of stimulants are very harmful to our health. So all the new mom are advised to avoid stimulants like smoking, tea, coffee, chocolate, sodas, alcohol, etc. at least 4 hours before going to bed. However, there are some people who think alcohol will provide them good sleep but actually, it is not. Instead, alcohol can depressant the nervous system of our body and when the level of alcohol drops it activates the sympathetic system which causes a sleep disorder. That is the reason a drunk person sometimes gets wake from the sleep all of a sudden and fell groggy. So, all new mom should avoid taking alcohol and smoking as much as possible especially during breastfeeding period of her baby. It will not only help her to get quality sleep but will also help her to remain healthy.
    • Seeking a professional help: It is not a bad idea to take help of a professional especially if the new mom is suffering from insomnia for a longer period of time. Doctors can suggest a better way to handle the sleeping troubles that she is suffering from.