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8 Ways To Cope With Coronavirus Anxiety

    With all that is going around the world, the year 2020 has been a hard one. The pandemic has taken so many people, and many are still suffering at its hands, which is scary and is a huge reason why the majority suffers from anxiety when it comes to coronavirus. 

    Doctors advise different products such as weed, CBD, or hash for temporarily curing issues like depression, anxiety, and insomnia but make sure to consult your doctor before consuming anything and make sure to learn the best ways to smoke hash the right way. Still, not everyone is into such products, so I have collected eight natural ways to cope with coronavirus anxiety. The following ways are as follows, 

    Keep reminding yourself that this too shall pass:

    With the second wave of COVID-19 hitting the world, it is evident that individuals around you must be feeling more anxious than before. In times like such, it is necessary to stay calm and follow all the SOPs advised to follow by the government. 

    Make sure to keep reminding yourself that no matter what happens, this too shall pass, and it will all get better. It is harder to believe this statement, especially with what that is going around but keeps repeating that it will all be over soon, everything will be normal where children will again go to schools, no masks will be worn, and at the end of the day, we all are aware of the fact that many great institutions are working on the magazine and once it’s here things will get better and easier. 

    Limit your screen and social media time:

    With all that is going around us, it is not a good idea to update yourself on the situation. The more you update yourself, the more paranoid and scared you will get with time. Roughly updating yourself once a day through social media or the news is fine and acceptable, but repeatedly checking for the updates can increase feelings of anxiousness and fear. 

    Just make sure to keep yourself busy with work, and if there is nothing to do, you can always do something fun such as painting or drawing whatever that helps take off your mind from the statistics. 

    Stay connected with friends and family:

    Old friends and family are the people that have seen you at your worst and the best times due to which it is needed to stay connected to them. You can have video chats or regular phone calls to update them about your day and then ask them about theirs. Staying in touch will make you feel wanted, needed and help keep your mind off things. 

    Furthermore, there is something greatly soothing when one is talking to their family; they drive us crazy, but they love us too, so make sure that you have a connection that is never lost as it will help keep you sane on many days.

    Talk to a professional:

    When one tends to feel anxious, and nothing else is helping, it is necessary to find a doctor that will help you figure out stuff that you can’t figure out on your own. Trusting another person with whatever is bothering you can be hard, but it will be helpful and useful towards you, which is why it is necessary. 

    Try to look at the entire situation differently where if you talk to them, you feel less frustrated and more motivated to make things better. Moreover, if the doctor is not helping, you can always look for a better one that will be able to help you out.

    Take a good night’s sleep:

    Sleep plays a vital role in keeping you concentrated and focused on everyday life. When one does not get adequate sleep, it is evident that they feel cranky and not in the mood to do anything. 

    Therefore, make sure to get good sleep, make a rule not to take any electronics to your bed, and try to finish everything an hour before bed so that when it is time to sleep, there is nothing on your mind. You can also do light yoga or exercise before going to bed, helping an individual calm down and feel relaxed. 

    Practice mindfulness:

    Mindfulness is a practice that is being conducted for decades; it is useful as it helps individuals take control of their emotions. To practice mindfulness, you need to find a comfortable posture, and once that is done, inhale for 4 seconds, keep it in for 2 seconds and then exhale for 4 seconds. 

    When you are doing this, your mind will wander off, and it will happen a lot initially but make sure always to bring its focus back on the breathing. With time and a lot of practice, you will eventually control your emotions, help calm you down, and decrease feelings of anxiousness and depression. 

    Try to exercise:

    Exercise helps in producing endorphins, which are known as the happy hormones and pain killers. Endorphins are released in a greater amount when you do high-intensity exercises. There are many different exercises from which one can choose; you can choose from cycling, yoga, walking, or strength training. 

    To make the sessions more interesting, you can always invite a friend to accompany you during your sessions as that can be a great bonding time, or you can share the things that have been bothering you. At the end of the session, you will feel physically exhausted, helping to sleep better and on time. 

    Find some time for yourself at the end of the day:

    When someone suffers from anxiety, there is a great chance that they will be done and exhausted with everything at the end of the day, so it is necessary to take a break and do something nice during those times.

     You can do whatever you want to do at that time; you can read a book, chat on your phone, maybe watch some Netflix or pour yourself a drink and have it in peace. Please include it in your routine to take this time out and inform everyone not to disturb you when you are enjoying yourself at this time. You will feel relaxed and less frustrated with everything that is going around you. 

    To sum it all up, make sure to follow these eight different yet unique ways to deal with your coronavirus anxiety. You can research new ways too if these don’t suit you, and remember that if anyone around you suffers from anxiety, try to be kind to them and make sure to make things easier.