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8 Ways to Naturally Reduce Anxiety


    Have you ever felt how your heart pounds and your stomach starts to tie up in knots when you think about all that must be done? All of a sudden, it becomes difficult to focus on anything but the things that are going wrong. There are simple practices that can help reduce anxiety naturally. The methods below are readily available and easy enough for anyone to try at home.

    Blood Sugar

    One of the biggest reasons why you feel so anxious is because your blood sugar is low. When your blood sugar drops, your body will begin to panic—and this feeling can spiral out of control. To naturally reduce anxiety, you must watch what you eat and drink. If you regularly consume a lot of simple sugars, you will have a harder time reducing anxiety. Before bed, make sure to eat a light dinner that consists primarily of protein and fat (this includes whole grains). If you want to indulge in something sweet, then make sure that it consists of more whole foods than simple sugars and carbohydrates.


    While aromas are found in all perfumes, incense, and essential oils, certain natural aromas have been known to reduce anxiety naturally. Some of these aromas include citrus, lavender, and orange. These smells are very uplifting and will make you feel more positive. For example, citrus scents encourage your mind to focus on the positive aspects of life, while lavender will help you to relax and calm down. An even better alternative would be to create your home therapy kit. Try using essential oils like lavender, orange, or lemon for a natural anxiety reducer. This can be done by creating a blend of several essential oils and putting it in a diffuser blend. You can find many different diffusers online that are affordable, safe, and easy to use.


    Unsurprisingly, sleep is the best way to reduce anxiety naturally. Most people can reduce their anxiety by getting a healthy amount of sleep. The problem with this, however, is that most people don’t get enough sleep in the first place. Sleep is also essential for your body and mind to relax (which will help reduce anxiety naturally). Most experts recommend you get seven or eight hours of good night’s sleep. Try to make this a daily habit. One of the best ways to naturally reduce anxiety is to wake up and go to bed simultaneously every day. This will help your body get into the habit of relaxing and resting each night.


    One of the most important ways to reduce anxiety naturally is to be kind and compassionate to yourself. A great way to practice self-compassion is by noticing exactly how you feel. Hence, this can be done by writing in a journal while experiencing anxiety. Once you have finished writing your experience, read it aloud so you can hear how your mind sounds when it is anxious. By doing this, you will notice that there are actual words that you say in your mind when you feel anxious.

    Avoid or Reduce Caffeine Intake

    Caffeine is responsible for creating anxiety in many people. While caffeine is a great way to give you an energy boost, it can also make you feel high-strung, irritated, and jumpy when it wears off. You may even notice that your anxiety goes away as soon as you have your first cup of coffee in the morning and returns later on throughout the day. Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon—and most people don’t even realize how often they consume caffeine. Many common foods, such as chocolate bars and sodas, are caffeinated. By cutting caffeine out of your diet, you will significantly reduce the amount of anxiety you feel daily. For example, if you drink four cups (or cans) of soda with caffeine daily (which is pretty average for a teenager), you can expect to get roughly 100mg of caffeine daily. To maintain this much caffeine in your system daily, your body needs approximately seven hours to break it down.


    Magnesium is a mineral in many foods like nuts, seeds, spinach, avocados, and certain kinds of beans. Magnesium helps your body to relax and reduce anxiety naturally. Additionally, this mineral will help your body to maintain a healthy PH level (which will also reduce anxiety naturally). If you get more than 100mg of magnesium per day (which is the recommended amount), then try to take foods rich in this mineral as often as possible.


    Meditation helps to reduce anxiety naturally by allowing you to clear your mind. If you can learn how to meditate correctly with the help of Vedic Meditation podcast, you will notice that many toxic thoughts and feelings begin to get off your head. The anxiety won’t subside for many people until these negative thoughts are dealt with. Unfortunately, most people are walking around so caught up in their heads that they never take the time to examine their thoughts.


    Exercise is a great way to reduce anxiety naturally. Many people mistakenly believe that exercise is something that you have to do for hours, but this is not the case at all. You will find that you can reduce your anxiety by doing one quick workout on the elliptical machine or by running up and down the stairs for 10 minutes.

    Conclusively, there are many natural ways to reduce anxiety naturally. It is essential to find a routine that works for you and stick with it every day. All the suggestions above have helped many people overcome their anxiety, but you need to experiment with what works best for your body.