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9 Reasons You Need Silk Luxury Bedding Pillowcases

    Did you know that it takes about 2,500 silkworms to produce one pound of raw silk? No wonder that silk luxury bedding historically has been too expensive for the average person to afford.

    Thanks to different production techniques, these days it is more accessible to the average person. Quality silk will still come at a price, though, so watch out for cheap imitations.

    There are so many benefits of silk pillowcases that many feel it is well worth the few extra dollars. After all, who wouldn’t adore a step in their beauty care regime that simply involves sleeping?

    Let’s learn about the benefits here.

    1. Frizz-Free Hair

    Why is it that when people wake up in the movies, their hair is so smooth? When you first wake up and look in the mirror, it looks like you’ve just been electrocuted. 

    You could argue that’s it’s because they weren’t actually sleeping, of course. Or maybe it’s because they have something you don’t — a silk pillowcase.

    As a sleek, slippery material, silk allows your hair to glide more smoothly across the pillowcase as you move around in your sleep. This reduces friction and is less likely to cause frizz.

    Cotton, on the other hand, has a lot of friction, which tugs at your hair. This can create tangles, bedhead, and the bane of curly-haired women everywhere, frizz.  

    2. Reduce Hair Damage

    Though many factors affect hair damage like split ends, sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help. Again, the smooth surface allows the hair to slide across, creating little friction and pulling on your hair less.

    For best results, combine with a solid hair care routine. Keeping your hair hydrated, healthy, and strong will also tremendously reduce hair damage.

    3. Clear Skin


    Silk does not suck up moisture, unlike cotton and other fabrics commonly used for pillowcases. This is helpful when trying to control acne breakouts.

    If your pillowcase is sucking the moisture out of your face all night, your face will try to compensate by producing more oil to hydrate itself. As you know, this excess oil can lead to more troubles with acne.

    It’s also possible that traditional pillowcases can tug and pull at your skin, causing small irritations that can turn into pimples.

    4. Glowing Skin

    In order to stay healthy and supple, your skin needs to stay hydrated. As we just saw, silk pillowcases help with this by not drawing the moisture out of your face.

    Try this: don’t change a thing about your beauty routine. Just start drinking lots of water and switch out your cotton pillowcase for a silk one. Let us know in the comments what you see in the mirror after a couple of weeks!

    5. Anti-Aging

    As if the last two reasons weren’t good enough for using a silk pillowcase for skin care, we’ve got one more. Silk pillowcases can actually help you look younger!

    Keeping your face well-hydrated helps keeps your skin plump and healthy, which helps you look younger. On top of that, the reduced friction on the smooth surface can help keep wrinkles from forming.

    Cotton can tug at your skin and the friction can cause creases. Reducing this can help keep your skin smoother over time.

    Simply sleeping on a silk pillowcase can’t take the place of a good skin care regimen, but as part of one, it has a lot of benefits!

    6. Hypoallergenic

    Most people probably don’t have too much trouble with allergies from their pillowcases. They should be washing them frequently enough that dust mites and other allergens don’t build up enough to cause problems. 

    However, it’s nice to have a naturally hypoallergenic fabric to sleep on. With a natural resistance to unfriendlies like dust mites, mold, and fungi you can breathe easier at night.

    7. It’s a Natural Fiber

    Some people prefer to avoid using synthetic fibers or synthetic mixes. The great news about silk is that it is a natural fiber. Those little silkworms go to a lot of work to create a strong, smooth, raw material. The resulting fabric has a feel that simply cannot be replicated by manmade materials. 

    8. Easy to Clean

    You might think that if you buy silk luxury bedding, you’ll have to take special care when you wash it. 

    Here’s the good news…you don’t!

    You’ll have to check the washing instruction on the specific product you buy, but most can be washed in a regular machine, just make sure the water isn’t too hot. Avoid the dryer and lay flat to dry. 

    It might seem strange not to put your bedding in the dryer, but once you try it, you might like it. There isn’t anything quite like the fresh scent in your bedding after you’ve hung it out in the fresh air to dry.

    9. You’ll Feel Like Royalty

    Aside from all the other great benefits that using luxury silk bedding affords, this might be the best one. The luxurious fabric makes you feel luxurious — like royalty. 

    Your bed should be a peaceful place where you can relax, recharge, and get ready for a new day. Silky smooth bedding feels terrific against your skin. 

    It’s the simple things in life. We all could do with stopping to enjoy the simple things a little more often.

    Silk Luxury Bedding for Sweet Dreams

    Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Why don’t you try it for yourself? You can buy a whole silk luxury bedding set or start with a pillowcase. Regardless, we can say with certainty that you won’t regret it.

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