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9 Tips to Preventing Pest Infestation

    Prevention is better than cure. In his wisdom, Desiderius Erasmus gave us a life hack of all times. His insight is particularly true when it comes to pest infestation. Pests are dangerous, to say the least.

    Their impact ranges from a simple skin rash to serious diseases like malaria, dysentery, and salmonella, just to mention a few. The probability of pests destroying your crops and property is not lost. Why wait for these destructive pests to invade your space for you to take action? Here are easy-to-implement tips to help you curb pest infestation before it even happens.

    Keep your Home Clean

    A cluttered house provides habitation and breeding ground for pests. The dark areas of your house provide thriving grounds for pests.  Reduce the clutter by cleaning your house regularly and arranging your storage area, garage and attic in order. Make an effort to clear the grass, shrubs, and bushes around your home. A bushy environment provides a conducive environment for snakes, rodents and other harmful pests. Maintain a well-lawned yard. In case you have a kitchen garden weed it regularly.

    Seal Entry Points

    Pest control contractor working in the flat

    Pests have access to your house through any cracks on the wall, hole on the fence or the consistently opened windows or doors. Consider closing your doors and windows often, mend broken parts of your fence and seal cracks on your wall. Check the areas where wires enter the structure for any gaps. If any, seal them. 

    Drain Stagnant Water around your Home

    Stagnant water is the habitat of insects such as water bugs and mosquitoes. In case of leaking pipes or broken appliances that may cause water to stagnant, fix them at the earliest opportunity. Getting rid of still water destabilizes the mosquitoes’ life cycle leading to controlled mosquito breeding.

    Cover your Food

    Open food attracts insects such as ants and cockroaches. When a cockroach gets in contact with uncovered food, it contaminates it as its saliva and waste contain bacteria. Eating contaminated food causes diarrhea, food poisoning, and other infections. To store your food, use containers with tight seals. Clean your kitchen counters where food may have spilled and maintain a clean cooking and eating surfaces. 

    Empty your Trash Can Regularly

    Pests are always attracted to dirt and an unhealthy environment, your garbage is a conducive environment for pests. Ensure your trash can has a tight lid. Empty it regularly to an outside dumpsite and maintain a clean environment at all times.

    Avoid Using Wood

    Termites and beetles feed mainly on wood. Remove any wood materials around your home. Try using gravel or rock for landscaping instead of wood. Put your stack of wood away from your home and even so raise them off the ground.

    Invest in Pest Repellent Plants

    The smell of some plants repels insects. These plants include Lavender, Tulsi, Neem, Eucalyptus, Citronella grass, Mint, and Marigold. Plant these beautiful plants around your home, in your garden. You can place some of these plants beside the doorsteps, near the window or at specific points in your home to repel pests.

    You can also buy air fresheners that have any of these plants as ingredients. Another option would be to get an extract from one or a combination of two or more of these plants, store it in a bottle and regularly spray your house.

    Use Pesticide

    When using pesticides it is important to check the label for instructions. Most pesticide labels warn against the pesticide getting in contact with your skin or eyes. In case it happens, wash the area thoroughly with running water. Schedule to see a doctor in case of a severe effect. Keep the pesticide away from children and dispose of the bottle appropriately after use. Make an effort to spray your rooms when you are not actively using the space to avoid inhaling the pesticide.

    Try Insect Repellent

    These are products that come in the form of cream, petroleum jelly or lotion. They repel insects when you apply them to your skin. These products are not harmful to your skin. However, you can consult your skincare specialist for the best recommendation. 

    These tips need effort and dedication to ensure you are in a pest-free environment. If they prove difficult, you are not lost for options EZ Findlay Pest Control is your trusted pest control service provider. A proactive approach to pest control will save you money and time in the long run. You do not have to worry about pests sucking the life out of you when implementing these tips one at a time.