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    Ever heard of the famous saying, ‘’you are what you eat?’’.
    And no, it is not wrong at all. Your diet represents you. It represent not only your physical health but from your attitude to your skin, everything.

    A balanced diet is simply the one that contains everything in balance present in it. It is a blend of vitamins and every possible nutrient that your body needs. A balanced is a mixture of different fruits and vegetables and so much more. Organifi has the solution for people with busy life style who find it difficult to make a balanced meal for themselves.


    The only benefit we commonly keep hearing of a balanced diet is that it keeps a person physically fit in terms of weight and no, there’s no denying to how important it is. However, there is more to a balanced diet than just weight. The benefits of a properly maintained diet are countless and we have mentioned some of these below.

    1- It protects you against different diseases

    It is simple. There are a number of deficiency diseases caused mainly because of the essential nutrients that you might be missing from your diet. Therefore, it is safe enough to say that a balanced diet protects your body against different diseases. A strengthened blood system and better flow of it makes your immune system strong. The immune system then produces more germ fighting cells.

    2- It increases your brain power

    Omega-3 fatty acids are your brain’s best friend. And so, if you want to increase your memory and intellect, the best option is to consume omega-3 fatty acids. Such foods also help you fight against different mental disorders, some common ones are depression and schizophrenia.

    3- The right food helps you stay energized

    Such foods are a boost of energy. Proteins therefore, are known as a best source of energy for this purpose. Not only does protein help you feel fuller throughout the day. But it is also a rich source of energy which makes you feel energized from day till night.


    People very often consider and ask what a balanced diet contains. As we have highlighted the vitality of a balanced diet, the question is, what should it contain and the proportions in which it must be consumed to keep the body filled with everything it needs.
    Below is a guide to help you solve the question of what an ideal plate must contain. And some tips which will help you balance your diet.

    1- Know the amount of calories that you need

    This is very important. You must know the amount of calories your body needs to maintain, lose or gain weight.
    A balanced diet is not about eating every nutritious food in excess but it is about eating things in moderation and just in the right amount. It is about eating the amount of calories that your body needs. You can use a calorie calculator to know what your daily calorie intake should be and adjust your diet in accordance to it.

    2- Go for whole-wheat

    Instead of going for the white, processed bread, switch to a whole-wheat one. Not only does it help you with loss of weight but it also helps prevent a number of diseases. The common of which are cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and even diabetes. This bread is a home to different vitamins and fiber which can even help you relieve constipation.

    3- Avoid sweetened beverages, canned drinks and sweet tea

    We don’t ask you to exclude sugar completely from your life, but avoid sugary beverages as they are a home to excess of sugar. When you drink tea, try adding a very small amount of sugar or the better option is not to add sugar at all. It will help you avoid the gain of excess weight. Switching to just un-sweetened tea will help save up to 7,800 calories.

    4- Instead of burgers and chips, go for fruits and veggies

    We know cutting off fries completely is hard, but go for fruits and vegetables MORE often than going for fast food such as burgers.

    A blend of fibers, anti-oxidants

    Fruits and vegetables hold this immense importance simply because they boost the metabolism. They make the body’s immune system work as fire protecting your body against a number of diseases. The deficiency diseases such as, anemia, scurvy, night-blindness and etc. are caused because one doesn’t fulfill the intake of all the nutrients that he/she needs. Hence, the key is to go for multi-colored fruits and vegetables which will help you feel fuller in the healthiest way ever.

    5- Include the right carbohydrates

    Due to weight loss, carbohydrates are considered an enemy for the body while THEY ARE NOT. Macro calculator can be used to check how many calories to lose for balancing carbohydrates in diet. Carbohydrates are rich sources of energy. Selection of the ‘’right’’ carbs is the key. The carbs such as oatmeal, brown rice are all that your body needs to make the diet a balanced one.

    6- Don’t say ‘’no’’ to dairy products

    You might have grown up listening about the importance of milk from your parents. And well, there’s no denying to it. Calcium deficiency diseases or the deficiency of calcium is known to excite the nervous system, increase bone distortion skeletal disorders in growing kids. Osteoporosis is also getting common especially among women.
    There is no better way to obtain calcium apart from milk. Therefore, don’t run away from milk if your goal is to maintain the right diet,