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A Beginner’s Guide To Marijuana Products And How To Use Them

    A New Frontier In Relaxation And Health
    Modern medicine is run by humans, it’s not the be-all and end-all. Doctors are talented, worthwhile individuals that make some of the best technological scientific advances on the planet. And, they make mistakes.

    Just because an expert insists on something doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true, or necessarily false. You’ve got to think about things critically and weigh the features defining a given situation for yourself; you can’t just trust people as a moolith. There are people who can be motivated into spreading falsehoods for the simple reason that there’s an economic incentive.

    All this is brought up for one reason: marijuana still gets a bad rap, even though this substance is becoming more widely accepted. Think about this: one of the key reasons we age is because of negative stress, which erodes telomerase from our DNA, and inhibits our body’s ability to repair itself.

    Relieving negative stress can contribute to health. Cannabis does that. Negative effects are often counterbalanced by stress reduction. Just look at Tommy Chong. The man is in his eighties, and for the majority of his life, he definitely used cannabis. So with that in mind, following we’ll explore a beginner’s guide to marijuana to help you know what use fits you.

    1. Edibles, Smokables, Or Both?
    Edible cannabis can have psychoactive or non-psychoactive effects. The thing is, THC is what gives you the “high”, and the concentration of THC in edibles tends to be variable. There’s usually a lot more THC in edibles than in what you smoke. However, it takes longer for associated effects to kick in.

    So you might eat a brownie at two in the afternoon, and think nothing happened by around 2:30. Well, you’re a little hungry anyway, so you eat another. Then, suddenly, five minutes later, the first brownie “hits”, and you realize you are about to have a wild ride. That’s the big problem with edibles: they take so long to “hit”, you ingest more THC than you intend.

    Meanwhile, with smokables like flowers compressed into a bowl or rolled into a joint, the THC hits you very quickly. However, you’re ingesting it into your lungs, and that tends to make a person cough. Holding it in can intensify the high, but it might not be healthy for your lungs.

    Vaporizers exist now, but their actual risk is a bit debatable; especially with rumors of conditions like popcorn lung going around. So the point here is, multiple ingestion methods exist; which best fit you will depend on, well, you. It may be worthwhile to explore smoking and edibles to see what resonates.

    2. Smoking Products And How To Clean Them
    Most people tend to smoke cannabis, and this usually means their smoking implements get dirty. Cannabis pipes get full of “resin”, which can clog the pipe in time, making it impossible to smoke anything. You’ll want to clean that resin at intervals. The good news is, said resin can be smoked; though it’s got a terrible taste to it. The bad news is, cleaning can be a chore.

    What you might want to do is use smaller pipes that are easier to clean. Here’s a link to help you figure out how to clean a one-hitter. The best practices there tend to apply to larger smoking implements as well.

    3. Non-Psychoactive Products: How Should You Use Them?
    CBD reduces pain by cutting out a lot of inflammation. Topical ointments can do the same thing. There are CBD candies, drinks, and even “joints”. There are also topical ointments of varying types which are absorbed through the skin. Some of these ointments can be psychoactive, and may include THC. But most use CBD, and won’t give you a head high.

    You don’t have to get high to benefit from the “healthy” side of cannabis, and experience stress reduction. For some, this is the best way to use cannabis products.

    Cannabis Can Be Used In Many Ways; Find What Works For You
    So do you want to smoke, do you want to ingest edibles, or do you want to use both? When it comes to smoking products, do you want to have those around which you clean, or just roll up marijuana joints and dispose of them when you’re done? Also, are you in a position where you might more efficiently benefit from non-psychoactive cannabis products?

    These are some big questions for new marijuana users, and the key is exploration. So look into what’s available to you, explore a few things to see what works best for you, and cut out the stress.

    With anything in life there’s a tradeoff, but it turns out marijuana’s stress reduction could well end up enabling your health over the long-term. That, in addition to the fun of the associated psychoactive effects involved in marijuana, make it a considerable substance for a number of reasons. It’s increasingly legal now; why not have a little fun exploring?