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A Beginner’s Guide to The Trending Marijuana Dab Rigs

    To the uninitiated, marijuana dab rigs may sound like an unfamiliar word. Despite this, dab rigs kits have revolutionized the way people consume marijuana. It offers a marijuana user with ease, where he or she does not need to grind up, roll up, and smoke an entire joint to consume marijuana properly. 


    Dab rigs have earned their place in the best technique to make use of cannabis concentrates. The process may look daunting at first, but it is quite the contrary and easy to use. Once you start using a dab rig, you’ll never go back to the old habits of consuming marijuana. 


    Hence, this is why you need to shift to dab rigid for your daily use of marijuana, resulting in better performance out of marijuana consumption. But first, let us start by answering the questions:


    What is a Dab Rig?


    A dab rig is a specially designed water pipe to be used specifically with oil and wax concentrates through the “dabbing” process. The process is called dabbing because you “dab” your concentrates onto a heated dab nail. For example – has excelled in the art of making the best dab rigs for an enthusiast marijuana user. However, some people might confuse it with a bong, but a dab rig is entirely different. If you have always been a bong user, try a dab rig next time, and you’ll know the difference.


    Dab rigs have only become popular in the past few months, which could be why many marijuana users are unaware of them. Many would say a dab rig is only a water pipe that helps one consume marijuana concentrates, but it is more than that, and this is the main reason it is getting the praise of cannabis users worldwide. 


    Next, we discuss the advantages you get by using a Dab Rig:


    • A dab rig produces vapor instead of smoke. Vapors do not contain any harmful carcinogens. 
    • The smallest dab rigs produce maximum vapor.
    • You get the best taste out of your marijuana concentrate. 
    • Better tasting vapor with almost odor-free smoke helps improve the user experience. 


    The difference between dabbing from a dab rig and a water pipe might not be visible for a beginner. However, a piece of dedicated equipment whose only purpose is to smoke concentrate carries many advantages. It provides the user with an excellent marijuana smoking experience, which could be something you should look for if you are just a beginner or a seasoned marijuana consumer.  


    Fundamentally, the flavor produced from wax and traditional herbs differs in many ways. Both can taste great individually, but it can lead to a horrible experience for the consumer if you mix them all. Hence, if you are already purchasing high-quality marijuana concentrates, you’ll want to maximize their value with a dabbing-only piece. 


    The Bottom-Line


    With changing trends and technology, you get the most out of your efforts. The same goes with a dab rig; using a dab rig for your marijuana concentrate will provide you with better results than a more traditional way of consuming marijuana.