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A Closer Look at the Pros and Cons of Anabolic Steroids

    If you’ve ever given any thought to supplements that enhance performance, we’re sure that you’ve thought about pro athletes. Most of the times, there’s always something on the news or in the paper that revolve around super sport stars and their affiliation to supplements. In some cases, you even encounter news about bodybuilders who indulge in performance supplement. And since times have changed so much, almost every college athlete is juicing up on steroids as they beat the race to earning their achievements in their field of sport.


    For endless years we have all been witnesses to the ever-popular debate about the negative and positive sides to anabolic steroids along with their legalization. And, each side has managed to throw some strong points into the ring when it comes to this particular type of drug. Our article features the pros and cons of your typical anabolika!


    Pros Of Anabolic Steroids


    *Improve Endurance – This is possibly the most important point on the positive line, these supplements generate the production of red blood cells. And you paid attention to your biology, you’ll know that more red blood cells mean more oxygen to your body, including your muscles. Simply put, due to the increase of oxygen, you can work harder and longer and your body’s endurance increases; and your muscles recover faster. 


    *Speed, Agility, Power And Strength Increase – When it comes to body building, this is most important and it goes on to improve their speed, performance, strength, power and agility. And we’re sure you’re aware, every sportsman wants to outdo his competition. Additionally, this is the main reason why steroids are banned from leagues and tournaments.


    *Users Gain A More Muscular, Bigger Body – This is also another important reason that most bodybuilders use these types of supplements. The simply want to become bigger and have more defined muscles. 


    *Regulate Hormonal Imbalances – If you suffer from various low hormones like that of low testosterone, your doctor will typically prescribe steroids since they aid in maintaining the usual level. 


    Cons Of Anabolic Steroids


    *Users Become Addicted – Often enough, weightlifters and bodybuilders become extremely addicted to steroids. This occurs as a result of their body becoming bigger and stronger at a faster rate. Even when they are banned, users will still find an outlet to purchase. 


    *Harmful Health Conditions – Some of the most common side effects of steroids are liver problems, kidney problems, strokes and heart attacks. Most users tend to suffer from high blood pressure and even cholesterol. Additionally, they can even develop several types of tumors.


    *Harmful Side Effects – Most of the times users suffer from the negative side effects. These can be severe cramp, exhaustion, infertility, dizziness and even dehydration since steroids don’t hold any water. And it even enlarges the breast muscle in some men while shrinking their testicles. Some if not all go on to suffer from depression and poor moods. 

    *They Are Illegal – If you are caught selling or you even have steroids within your possession, you’re going to jail. As long as it is proven that an athlete is using, he or she is automatically banned from participating in any type of competition.


    We’ve just discussed the pros and cons of using steroids. And we can all clearly see that some are bad and some are extremely good. Do you think steroids should be legal? Do you think that they should be used under strict supervision from a reputable doctor? Or do you simply think that it is a bad idea on the whole given all the negative side effects?