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A Complete Guide on How to Find the Best Oral Surgeon for Your Needs

    Going in for any type of surgery is a big deal. However, there’s something about oral surgery that makes us feel even more vulnerable. 

    Maybe it’s because our head is where our brain is located, it’s where our ultimate processing center is. Or maybe, it’s because oral surgery affects our mouth which is an intimate part of our bodies where we eat, kiss, and speak from.

    Regardless of why oral surgery gives us such feelings of ambivalence when it’s time for an operation, there’s not much for it. You need to find the best oral surgeon possible to do the procedure! And we’re going to show you how to do that. 

    Follow along for a step by step guide!

    Tips for Finding the Best Oral Surgeon

    Ideally, when it comes time to start looking for the best oral surgeon, you’ll do so a little bit in advance. You don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute to find the person who will be operating on your mouth, gums, or teeth! Make sure you take your time and do some research to make sure you put yourself in the best possible hands.

    1. Ask Your Friends and Family

    Start off by asking your immediate and closest friends and family. Perhaps they’ve had a procedure done lately and have something to say about it. Whether they had a great experience or a terrible one, all feedback is helpful.

    Friends and family are great resources since you should feel comfortable sharing any medical issues with them.

    2. Use Social Media to Find Recommendations

    If none of the people closest to you have any advice or recommendations, you can always hit up social media. You can literally post “who is the best oral surgeon in town?” 

    If you don’t get enough information form the people on your friends’ list, you can try the Facebook marketplace or a similar local page where you can talk to your community. These are often the buy/sell/trade pages.

    3. Check Online Reviews

    Next, whether you have some ideas yet or not, you can start searching the web for local oral surgeons. Many surgeons, like Dr. Mott, have reviews and testimonials right on their website for you to see. 

    Seeing what other patients have to say about their experience is one of the most accurate ways you can judge a facility and find the best oral surgeon.

    4. Research Any Contenders

    If you’ve got a few surgeons in mind, take a look at their website. Not only will you find testimonials that we spoke of above, but you should also be able to find their qualifications, certifications, etc.

    If you can’t find any on the website, call or email the facility to find the answers you’re looking for.

    5. Have a Consultation

    Lastly, as a final step, if you really want to get an accurate feeling about a doctor, schedule a consultation with them. Even the best oral surgeon with the busiest schedule will make time to sit and talk with you. 

    This is a good opportunity to ask questions and get to know your potential surgeon.

    Good Luck

    If you know you’ve got an oral surgery in your future, start looking for the best oral surgeon today! Once you find the right doctor, you may still be put on a waiting list. Act sooner rather than later!

    Good luck, and remember to check out the rest of our articles on health before you go!