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A Detailed Guide On Different Types of Foot Diseases And Their Treatment

    We tend to ignore many foot problems in our life but they are as important as many other parts of the body and require immediate attention if something goes wrong. Standing on the feet means using them for many daily activities like running, jogging and jumping. So, it makes them vulnerable and open to fractures, pain, and injuries. But it does not mean we need to ignore problems related to the feet as we should give attention to the foot problems and seek health care provider’s suggestion seriously.

    Many time’s runners and athletes complain of foot problems that may occur during a practice session. Since they are the prime candidates for injuries, they should have a doctor’s information handy when they are injured. So, whether they participate in regular sports or just play weekend matches, they should not ignore problems related to their feet.

    The foot consists of 26 bones,33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons that keep all the moving parts together. The muscles of the lower leg are attached to bones through tendons that control the movement and allow people to walk, run, and jump. These muscles help people to move their toes and make them flexible. The muscles also make arches of the feet rigid when someone moves forward. When someone injures their leg an inflammation of the tendon that runs down the back of the lower leg can progress into a degeneration of the tendon fibers that cause problems in walking and doing other activities.

    Some common sports injuries include fractures, sprains, bursitis, metatarsalgia, heel spur syndrome, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, tendinitis, runner’s knee and hamstring injuries. Foot problems may include the toenail problem as well as ingrown toenail, toenail trauma, clubbed nails, clubbed nails, and nail fungus.

    When people develop any foot and nail problems they should immediately seek professional help and consult a good podiatrist. Podiatrists like these can complete surgery, reset broken bones, prescribe drugs and diagnose problems related to the foot and nails. They work closely with a team of doctors and suggest treatment according to the condition of the patient.

    Foot Doctor in Houston is the best Podiatrists that people can look up to when they have foot problems. Due to the wide experience in this area, they can detect the problem easily and quickly. When someone has a foot problem that has not been treated well by other doctors, they must visit Houston and get a solution here. Foot doctors are specialized in their domain of work and easily manage problems of foot and nails. Whether someone is an athlete or just has injured his foot in an accident, they can find a foot specialist in their area.


    What are Some Foot problems?

    1. Bunions- People can observe a bump at the base of the toe joint which people can develop when they have congenital deformities, arthritis, heredity problems and bad way of wearing shoes and due to the habit of wearing high heel shoes. The treatment includes over the counter medicines and padded shoe inserts. However, if the condition does not improve with these methods, then surgery can be done to return the big toe to its normal position.
    2. Hammertoes- Due to ill-fitting shoes people may develop hammertoes and corn in their feet. In this condition, third, fourth toe is crossed and bent in the middle of the joint just pointing at an odd angle. Doctors generally advise wearing roomier and comfortable footwear to people as the first treatment of this problem. 
    3. Toenail fungus – This is a common issue with people who like hiking and adventure that might lift and press the nail to cause fungus in it. Toenail fungus gives a bad appearance to the toes and it can spread to other nails of the toes as well, if not treated on time. The treatment of toenail fungus might be temporary but there is an effective treatment that includes antifungal medication provided by a doctor. 


    When People Need Foot Surgery?

    Not all people with foot problems need surgery, the doctor decides to suggest his patient surgery after reading the case details. First, a doctor has to examine the feet and ankle of the patient to see if the problem can be treated with medication and normal treatment. The decision to operate depends on the injury and risk associated with the surgery.

    The podiatrist must look into the condition of the patient first and know the medical history of the patient to determine the treatment option. Deciding on surgery could be the last option for the doctor in extreme cases where the problem can be corrected by surgery only. People are advised to not ignore foot and nails problems and immediately find a good hospital and discuss their issues with their health care provider when they feel any symptoms in their feet that interrupt normal movement.