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A Detailed History of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

    In stand up paddle boarding (SUP), you propel yourself on the water’s surface using a floating platform with a paddle or a pole. So, this paddling style amounts to two things: standing up as you surf, and using a paddle to control your movements. But how exactly did stand up paddle boarding come about? When did SUP begin? Also, where are we today as regards this form of paddle boarding? Let’s find out. Check out if you are looking for a cheap kayak.

    History of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

    The actual date when stand up paddling began is a little hard to pin down. But it is claimed that this form of paddling has been around for thousands of years. As it turns out, many ancient cultures did it, including African, American and so forth.


    But in the past, the reasons people got on stand up paddle boards were much different. In general, our ancestors needed to master stand up paddle boarding skills to fight wars, fish, and travel. Obviously, things changed considerably over time. For instance, for over 3 millennia, Peruvian fishermen started using water-based crafts akin to stand up paddle boards called “Caballitos de Totora” to surf the waves for fun once they were done fishing for the day. Many believe this is how modern stand up paddling began.


    However, stand up paddle boarding might have developed in several parts of the world, although some cultures have proven more significant in their contribution to this water-based sport.


    For instance, in 1778, Captain James Cook sailed to Hawaii and noticed that people surfed the waves on special boards made from the Koa tree, with some of them up to 5 meters in length.

    Generally speaking, paddle boarding as we know it today began in Hawaiian roots, and it is believed to have a very clear origin in the 1900s.


    Modern History of Paddle Boarding (the 1900s)Today, stand up paddling is done mainly for the thrill it brings. As a matter of fact, this form of paddling has become a raging phenomenon the world over.

    Modern stand up paddle boarding began in the 1940s, when surf instructors would get on boards and head out into the water to get a better view of the surfers as well as the incoming waves. (In Tel Aviv, in the twentieth century, lifeguards also used wide boards to surf on the waters in order to identify any swimmers that might be in distress).


    Some decades later in 1980, James Davis, who was a British surfer and a photographer took photos of a guy doing stand up surfing in Hawaii. He would then introduce the sport to John Zapotocky, who is now considered the father of modern stand up surfing.


    John went on to become a lifelong devotee of the sport, given his undying love for the sport and the ocean. That helps clarify why SUP is believed to have originated in Hawaii. Current History Boarding In the early 2000s, SUP reached California, and it developed further from there to become a worldwide sporting activity. In particular, it developed from four main places – San Diego, Dana Point, Malibu, and Santa Cruz.


    Then California magnified the popularity of SUP throughout the world and encouraged its uptake globally. At the time, the sport was purely about surfing. And for some time, stand up paddle boarding was seen as a way to enjoy surfing over the waves.


    But today, people take part in races, which has made it grow in popularity considerably. However, by the year 2005, it began to evolve into other disciplines including racing, yoga, fishing and even touring. Currently, the sport has become quite accessible, and very popular around the world. The popularity surfing enjoyed is believed to have had a huge impact on this, as well as the availability of affordable and easy to use stand up paddle boards.


    At any rate, stand up paddle boarding has steadily grown in popularity. In fact, in 2013, it got recognition as the sporting activity with the highest number of first-time participants in the United States.


    Currently, there are many variants of this sport. For instance, there is flat water paddling, which is used for fitness, sightseeing, fitness, and even racing. The sport also includes surfing on the ocean waves, as well as paddleboard yoga, fishing, and even paddling on river rapids.


    Evolution of Stand Up Paddle BoardsThe types of boards made for this activity have also evolved considerably over time. The earliest kinds of boards were made of wood. But today, the manner in which these boards are designed has changed a huge deal.


    Currently, we have inflatable paddle boards, which represent a huge technological leap from the first kind of stand up paddle boards ever made. In fact, inflatable paddleboards have become quite popular, and they have become a go-to choice for many fans of this sporting activity, and for obvious reasons. First of all, these kinds of boards are light in weight, portable, stable, and offer a more versatile use experience. These boards have also created such a strong stand up paddle boarding trend given their high level of innovativeness, and their capacity to cater to the needs of all kinds of surfers. Adults, kids, novices, pros and everyone who would like to give stand up paddling a try will find the inflatable SUPs to be their best option.


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