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A Guide on How to Prevent Stretch Marks

    The skin is the largest organ in the human body. To give you a better idea, it accounts for nearly 15% of your total body weight!

    Despite that, it’s fairly delicate. In fact, it can be affected by a number of conditions such as acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, and rosacea.

    Stretch marks are another issue. While they aren’t dangerous by any means, they can make you feel self-conscious.

    Want to know how to prevent stretch marks? If so, you’re on the right page. Keep reading for some tips!

    What Are Stretch Marks?

    Stretch marks are a type of scarring that resembles indented streaks. They typically form after a period of intense growth such as during pregnancy or puberty. In addition to that, they can develop due to rapid weight loss.

    Appearance-wise, they may be red, purple or silver. While they can appear anywhere on the body, they’re most frequently found on the stomach, bottom, thighs, chest, and hips.

    For some people, they may feel itchy or sore, especially during the initial stages.

    4 Ways on How to Prevent Stretch Marks

    There are a few things that you can do to prevent stretch marks. Here are some tips!

    1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

    One of the best ways to prevent stretch marks is to maintain a healthy weight. After all, rapid weight gain can lead to scarring.

    Given that, you want to manage your weight. You can do that by eating a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis.

    2. Stay Hydrated

    Your skin needs water to stay soft and hydrated. Why is that important? Soft skin is much less likely to develop stretch marks.

    Generally speaking, a reasonable goal is to drink eight 8-ounces glasses of water per day. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages such as coffee as it can actually increase your risk of scarring.

    3. Use Hyaluronic Acid

    Hyaluronic acid is a clear substance that’s naturally found in the skin. Its job is to hold water, which helps to keep it hydrated.

    Given that, it’s not surprising to know that it can also prevent stretch marks. In fact, there are many products that include the ingredient. You can even get it as a supplement from a pharmacy online.

    4. Maintain Healthy Levels of Vitamin D

    Studies have shown that those with low levels of vitamin D are more likely to develop stretch marks. In other words, you may be able to prevent these marks by maintaining a healthy level of vitamin D.

    Aside from sunlight, which allows your body to produce its own vitamin D, there are also fortified foods that you can eat such as bread, cereal, milk, and yogurt.

    Preventing Stretch Marks

    And there we have it—four tips on how to prevent stretch marks. Remember, even if you can’t prevent them, there are treatments that you can use to lessen their appearance!

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