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A proper diet can help you stop snoring

    Snoring doesn’t only affect the quality of the snorer’s sleep but also his partner’s. Yet, things are a bit more complicated here. Snoring can make you stressed, irritated and moody. Who would want to feel like that?! Do you want to get back to old you?

    We made a list of the ingredients that help you stop snoring, but also a list of the ones you should avoid.

    You will often hear these tips to stop snoring:

    • Avoid drinking alcohol around bedtime,
      • Watch your diet and lose some weight,
      • Try sleeping in a different position,
      • Quit smoking,
      • Stop taking sedatives.

    Proper nutrition is a really important factor when it comes to snoring. Fatty food that makes deposits around a snorer’s neck produce harsh snoring. The airways through the throat get narrow – that’s why passing air tickles the throat tissue and passages and makes the turbulence. To keep your throat fat-free, but to have good digestion also, follow on our guide to the snoring diet.

    • Fish

    Maybe you like stakes more, but stakes make you snore. If you eat red meat in the late hours, your stomach wouldn’t be able to digest it. Undigested food makes your stomach puffed and disables proper breathing. Fish, like salmon, has enough calories to make you satiated and is easy to digest. Nutritionists recommend eating fish at least twice a week. If you have a few pounds more, then you definitely should switch from red meat to fish.

    • Onion

    As you probably know, your immune system makes everything function well. If your immune system is weak, you will be prone to viruses and respiratory infections. Onion is full of anti-oxidants. It decongests your nasal passages and helps you breathe easier. It is true that everybody you talk to will feel your onion breath, but it will fade away after an hour or two.

    • Pineapple

    In case you have an inflammatory process in your body, a pineapple is a perfect ingredient. It contains anti-inflammatory components. This is a healthy snack if you feel hungry in the evening. Eating junk and fatty food before going to bed will tickle your stomach and digestion. That will additionally affect snoring.

    • Horseradish

    This is one more ingredient on the list which helps your immune system. If you take a tablespoon of horseradish with your meal, it will cleanse all your airways. It has specific smell and taste but is great for opening clogged passages. Easier breathing equal no snoring.

    • Honey

    My honey, do you know that dry air also produces snoring? If the dry air enters your already narrow throat, snoring is inevitable. That is why you should keep your throat smooth. Have a teaspoon of honey in the morning and in the evening and reduce throat swelling.

    • Tea

    Drinking enough liquor is very important for your overall health. Besides water, you should drink a lot of tea. For example, mint tea can help your stomach digest better. Green tea is also recommendable for intumescences.

    Ingredients you should avoid if you snore:

    • Milk

    Some people like to have a glass of warm milk before bed. We give a big no to this. If you want to relax a bit before sleeping, take a cup of tea. Milk increases production of mucus, which will make your throat narrower and tighten the airways. It would be great if you can avoid eating cheese or drinking yogurt in the evening too.

    • Alcohol

    Other people adore a glass of wine, especially if they are going out to a dinner date. However, this is not recommendable as the alcohol will make your muscles completely relaxed. Maybe you won’t get drunk, but your throat is sensitive to alcohol. If your throat muscles get weak, you will snore.

    We presented you some of the most important ingredients to go for or avoid if you are a snorer. Still, there are a couple more factors that affect snoring. To get to an end with this issue we recommend you to use a snore guard too. Joint forces will produce the best results. You must have heard about the snore mouth guard before. It is best to read this snore mouth guard review. It will be instantly clear to you why millions of people use it.