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A Quick List of Creative Hobby Ideas for Kids

    What does your child like to do in their spare time? This might sound like a fairly straight-forward question but some parents often wonder how to stimulate their child’s creativity in a meaningful way.

    It’s too easy to just let your child spend their time in front of a screen for an afternoon or days at a time. But this can be bad for their mental health, concentration, and self-esteem if they are on social media. 

    Instead, be sure to find a hobby for kids. To get you started here is a list of creative hobby ideas. 


    The art of paper folding is a great hobby and one that takes a great deal of skill and patience. It originates in Japan.

    Martial Arts Classes for Kids is another activity with links to Japan you can get your child to enjoy.

    It can be hard to find a teacher for this but to start with there are many videos on You-Tube that you can encourage your child to watch. They could even meet up with a friend that is interested in origami as well. 

    If they seem interested you could then see if there is an online teacher that would be suitable for them. 

    Stamp Collecting 

    Another hobby for kids is stamp collecting. Many famous people have started stamp collecting as a hobby. King George V of Great Britain was a major figure in this field and his collection, including the rare penny black, is legendary. 

    The first stamp was invented in 1840 as a way of paying for postage in advance before sending a letter rather than the recipient having to pay for the letter. 

    Start your child off with a few easy to obtain stamps from the post office and then direct him to eBay or other sites where people are selling and bidding on rarer stamps and offer to bid their pocket money for them. 


    This is perhaps the most useful skill you can learn in today’s society. Coding can enable your child to become a programmer for a major company or to design their own app that could one day make them a lot of money. There is an argument that every child should learn to code

    Major companies such as Apple are now putting together free workshops to teach kids how to code to prepare them for the future world of work. Be sure to see if you can book a slot for your child to get them interested. This is one of the best unique hobbies. 

    Coding, Stamp Collecting And Origami: A List of Creative Hobby Ideas 

    Hobbies for kids can be tough in an area where social media sites are so addictive and there are so many streaming services around for cheap prices. 

    However, hopefully, this list of creative hobby ideas: from stamp collecting and origami to coding is a start that can perk your child’s interest. 

    If you are interested in reading more about great hobbies and hobby ideas for kids be sure to check out the rest of our website.