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A Weight Loss Plan Should Be Adaptive, Not Restrictive

    Nearly everyone has tried to lose weight at one point in their life. Reasons can vary from summer being around the corner and you want to be beach body ready, to knowing you are going to see an ex at a wedding and you want to look your best. From crash diets to group accountability calorie recording, there are a seemingly endless list of ways to shed those pesky pounds.  No matter how you choose to lose, there is one thing that is imperative to success and that is an adaptive rather than restrictive plan. For hot tips on how to get that hot bod, read on! Click here to learn more about maximum vibrance for weight loss.

    Snack Smart

    Mindless eating throughout the day can be a real culprit for weight gain and retention.  It is so easy to grab a donut from the office kitchen or eat a whole bag of crisps without even knowing it at your desk.  Harnessing the power of snacking smart will be a key to your success in achieving your weight loss goals. Before spending a whole afternoon on Pinterest trying to find the perfect snack, you can narrow down your snack options to bite-sized portions and low carb snacks that pack the protein to keep you full and energised.   

    Don’t Crash

    Restricting your calories so much that you begin obsessing over food and are totally consumed by your hunger will not get you the results you want. Hunger is the enemy!  Finding ways to satiate your cravings all day long through healthy choices will maintain blood sugar levels and ward off binge eating.

    Some is Better than None

    If you had a 10 kilometer run planned for this afternoon but something came up and you no longer have the time, don’t write off exercise all together.  Fit in a quick 5 km walk or even a 20 minute movement of any kind. Any movement is better than no movement at all. Small things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator and scheduling a walking meeting with a colleague will all make a big difference in the long run.

    Calories Matter

    While restrictively counting calories is not recommended, it is still indeed important to be mindful of your calories in compared to calories burned.  If weight loss is your goal, the burned calories have to exceed the consumed.  A barrier many find is that, after exercise, the hunger level spikes.

    Because of this, one may find themselves indulging on pizza and a beer to both satiate the hunger level and celebrate the exercise.  This type of behavior will sabotage your weight loss plans. Develop a healthy eating and moderate exercise plan that fits with your fitness level and allow small indulgences here and there rather than restrict all pleasurable food and beverages.

    3pm Slump

    There is a funny but relevant phrase called “decision fatigue” that refers to that time of day when your brain is like “I am tired of making healthy choices, I want a piece of cake”.  Get to know your trigger points and decision fatigue signs and combat them with healthy and delicious snacks that are easily available.

    I recently completed a 30-day health blitz where I gave up eating nearly everything that was near and dear to my heart.  Annoyingly, I felt really amazing and had to analyse my relationship with all of the so-called comfort foods that were indeed causing me discomfort.  While I knew this 100% restriction was not feasible, I have maintained an 80% on 20% off mentality that is working wonders for my mental and physical health.


    If weight loss is on your radar, I highly suggest taking all of the previously mentioned points into consideration in addition to the 80/20 lifestyle and in no time at all you will look sleek and slender in your perfect party dress.