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A Whole New Era: CBD and Its Impact on the Beverage Industry

    There’s no doubt about it. CBD is definitely one of the most-used buzzwords today. A cannabis derivative, CBD is now an ingredient in everything from medical products to food and drinks and is linked to a range of health benefits. In recent years, there has been a powerful surge in sales of CBD-laced beverages because they are easy to consume, fast-acting, and effective. Sales have also skyrocketed as more members of the athletic community have begun endorsing CBD beverages.

    What Are CBD Edibles?

    Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the second most prevalent compound in cannabis plants. Most CBD used in food and drink is extracted from hemp plants containing only trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive ingredient that gives marijuana users a high.

    There are various ways to get the benefits of CBD, including smoking, vaping, and eating cannabidiol-laced foods, which are generally known as edibles. Using edibles is convenient and can make it easier for users to measure their CBD input.

    In recent years, prominent athletes have begun using and promoting CBD beverages. For example, according to former NFL player, Terrell Davis CBD has helped him improve his focus, recover more quickly after physical activity, and maintain peak performance.

    CBD Offers a Range of Benefits

    For quite some time, the medical community has been recommending CBD to ease symptoms of conditions ranging from epilepsy to PTSD. According to Global News Wire, the beverage industry has harnessed these benefits to create products that offer benefits such as:

    ·         Mood improvement

    ·         Pain relief

    ·         Relaxation

    ·         Insomnia relief

    ·         Reduced inflammation

    ·         Increased focus

    Because CBD does not intoxicate consumers, it can provide the cannabis plants’ wellness benefits without any mind-altering impact.

    Changing Laws Have Affected CBD Beverage Sales

    The push to legalize cannabis, including marijuana, has picked up steam in the last few years. Several states have already legalized all forms of cannabis, and the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp and its derivatives from the controlled substances list. Since nearly all CBD is extracted from hemp plants, CBD products are legal in all 50 states, a fact that has spurred beverage production.

    The CBD Beverage Outlook Is Excellent

    As consumer demand for CBD benefits has increased and restrictions on the compound have eased, the beverage industry has created a burgeoning market in cannabidiol-laced products. Industries ranging from winemakers to beer companies have jumped on board. According to Forbes, “The future of the cannabis industry is not just going to be in adult and medical use cannabis but the inclusion of CBD in a large array of beverages and foods.”

    The athletic community’s interest in CBD has been a major sales driver. Professional golfers, wrestlers, and football players have endorsed the use of CBD. Usage is also up among millions of amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

    CBD is especially appealing to athletes who put enormous stress on their bodies. Stress is a necessary part of performance enhancement, but players also experience trauma and pain caused by injuries. Traditional pain control medications can be dangerous when used for years, and there’s always the danger of addiction. CBD offers a healthy option that has intrigued many athletes. When coupled with their other benefits, CBD-infused beverages are a perfect fit for the sports world.

    People in all walks of life are becoming interested in CBD-infused edibles, with a special focus on beverages. CBD consumption is linked to benefits that include pain relief, enhanced focus, and faster recovery after physical stress. As a result, sales of CBD beverages have soared, and industry experts expect the trend to continue.