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Access The Latest Advancements In Spine Surgery To Relieve Issues With Your Spine

    Spine issues can have a significant influence on your everyday activities and general life quality. If you are experiencing persistent dysfunction or pain resulting from your spine problem, it is best to consult with the experts at Vertrae® in Springfield and Dayton, Ohio. The practice, led by board-certified neurosurgeon Dr. Kamal Woods in Dayton, provides the most recent breakthroughs in spine surgery. Call the office or use the online booking tool to make an appointment to talk to your specialist.

    What Are Some Of The Most Prevalent Spine Issues?

    The spine is a complicated structure that stretches from the base of your skull to the lower back. Injury or illness to any of the nerves, muscles, bones, or other spine tissues can result in life-threatening symptoms such as muscular spasms, numbness, and intense pain.

    The spine is commonly affected by the following conditions:

    o   Pinched nerve

    o   Spinal stenosis

    o   Spondylosis

    o   Disc herniation

    o   The degenerative disc disease

    Symptoms such as stiffness, muscle weakness, or neck pain might worsen if not treated properly. If you have issues with your spine, neck surgery can provide you with the relief you need. However, spine surgery is designated for those with serious symptoms or whose symptoms have not been alleviated with conservative treatment.

    What Are Some Of The Different Forms Of Spine Surgery?

    Dr. Woods provides the following spine procedures:

    ·       Anterior cervical discectomy

    Anterior cervical discectomy is a surgical technique used to address issues with the discs in your cervical (neck) spine. Dr. Woods examines your injured disc through the front of your body and skillfully eliminates the injured disc during the treatment. Anterior cervical discectomy is often combined with cervical fusion.

    ·       Cervical fusion

    Woods utilizes a bone graft, as well as rods, plates, and screws to merge your vertebrae during cervical fusion. After your provider eliminates the damaged disc, cervical fusion helps to guarantee the integrity of your cervical spine.

    ·       Cervical laminectomy

    Dr. Woods performs a cervical laminectomy to expand your spinal canal by removing the roof of the spinal canal (the lamina). A cervical laminectomy is a successful treatment for spinal stenosis that is frequently triggered by hidden issues such as degenerative disc conditions and bone spurs.

    ·       Cervical disc replacement

    In some circumstances, you must replace a diseased or damaged disc with a synthetic disc. Cervical disc replacement is the name given to this treatment. The synthetic disc aids in restoring the usual padding that discs give between your spine’s bones.

    How To Determine If You Require Spine Surgery?

    Because spine surgery is not appropriate for everyone, it is critical to consult with an expert surgeon to evaluate your treatment choices.

    During your initial visit, Dr. Woods will work closely with you to explore your condition and any previous operations. He also uses imaging tests such as MRIs and X-rays to get a more detailed impression of your spine.

    Dr. Woods can help you decide if neck surgery is appropriate for you following your evaluation. Thanks to Dr. Woods’ significant expertise, he successfully conducts effective spine surgeries and uses cutting-edge techniques and technologies, such as robotic-assisted and minimally invasive options.

    Do not let a spine problem have a detrimental effect on your life quality. Call the nearest Vertrae® office or request a consultation online today.